Battlefield 3 Info-Splosion: PC Is Lead Platform, Four Classes to be Included, Single-Player to Have “Significant Narrative”



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Lunchbox - Seriously??  You're getting a solid single player along with multi and this disappoints you???  Do you smash the free prize inside your crackerjack box in disgust as well?

Lytesson - BC2 purposefully excluded prone....  And after many hours of playing, to me it makes perfect sense but, you've somehow turned it into a dis on BC2?  What?!?

Logicmaster - If you base your game purchase decisions on mod tools then I suspect your game library is quite small


If BF3 is anywhere near as good as BF2 and BC2 then I'm in for days of great gaming.  You other three should just go buy an Apple.  That crowd is more your speed.




I'm kinda disappointed there is a single player campaign. That doesn't feel very battlefieldy. No true BF fan wants a single player and that's not why we buy it. If they come up with something nobody has ever experienced before that's another story but based on the meh fest of Bad Co 2's single player campaign I'm not expecting that.



haha go prone.. can't do that in bc2 >.<



no mod tools = no buy !



Your reading skills are greatly lacking.

"mod tools won't be available straight out of the box because DICE doesn't want to dumb them down."

That means that they will be coming later, once DICE is able to produce them to to a high quality level that they and gamers will be please with, then it will be released. My guess, is 6mo after the game is out we'll get mod tools.

Don't get your panties all in a twist!

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