Batman: Arkham City Suiting Up for PC on November 15



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Jim Fox

A digital download of Bat Man Arkham City came with an nVidia card I got recently.  The PCs improved performance and graphics over my Xbox 360, plus being able to continue adding to my Achievment Score as I play on my PC via Windows Live, will make the transition from Console Gaming back to PC Gaming even more inviting.  The 3D grapics are just icing on the cake.



Despite it being a console port, Arkham Asylum was a great game. It's graphics were also pretty good considering. I'm definitely going to get this game, however it's timing is rather poor because I'll be spending the next few months (at least) playing BF3 and Skyrim. I think this is going to be one of those titles that I wait to appear on a Steam sale, just like Arkham City. Oh yeah, and there's the Star Wars MMO this December and Mass Effect 3 in March. Sorry Batman.


Holly Golightly

I do not understand why it has to come out a month later... They could have released it at the same time if they really wanted to. I am glad it comes with Games For Windows Live. I can have my achievement points earned from my PC onto everything else that is connected with my Windows Live account. To me, the key is DirectX-11. Normally I am not into superheros... But I may... May just give it a try. I am not sure.


I Jedi

The theory is, according to some, that the PC version was delayed in order to "boost" sales of the console platform's sales. I guess they figured if people couldn't wait, that they'd just go ahead and buy the console version instead. I've heard other official statements from Rocksteady for why the game isn't out for the PC, yet; however, with two years of development, it seems awful strange that they should only a month before release back in September announce that there was no way they could get the PC version out on time with the console versions.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have Batman: A.A. or Lego Batman on Steam, you can get Batman: A.C. for $40 on Steam. Yes, that's $10 off the PC version and $20 dollars off the console version. Win.


Holly Golightly

I think you are right. I think it is to boost the sales of the console version. Although to be honest, the console version sells itself. However PC Gaming is growing at a phenominal rate, which is a wonderful thing. Doing one month delays is certain to get those who want toplay so bad to buy the console version. I'd rather wait if it means I get the full experience, which is something consoles no longer offer. Save more money AND get better graphics? Talk about a win-win situation. :)



Please proofread, dude.

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