Assassin's Creed: Revelations Diving Onto PC This November



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We'll see.  Depends on the DRM if its a buy or not.



I'm still at odds on whether I should pick up AC2 and ACB for PC.  I pretty much played them on the 360 and felt fulfilled.  Now that I have a fully working computer, I can look ahead to buying some games again.  I may pick this one up shortly after release (if Ubisoft doesn't delay it to figure out the holes in their DRM or whatever).



I played the first one but it was such a terrible port that it took two or three minutes to actually get in and out of the actual game because of all the damn menus. The gameplay was fun, but only for a few evenings. I figure maybe the sequels have gotten better, so maybe I'd give a demo a shot.



I played the first one as well, it was one of the worst games i've ever played. Now normally i would say if the first one sucked dont spend time or money on the second one, and i used to stand by that opinion, then BioWare ruined my stance with mass effect 2. But back on topic, if there is one game that got the awesome curve right, its AC. The first one was just a prelude to ACII. Made obvious because Ezio is the star of the other two (three now) games, showing that he was ment to be the main character. Normally i would understand someone saying 'bah, first one sucked, im not gonna give them another chance.' But this is one of the few games i recommend a revist. So, you might as well try it. It will be a lot better, I garentee it, and if you dont like it, i know a few fan boys that you could sell it to my self.



I'm excited for it, not gonna lie. the new climbing hook in the pic is gonna be interesting to use. and you fully play as desmond, which i interpret as killing templars in 2012

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