Arma 3 Announced For Summer 2012, First Screenshots



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As usual, the game looks beautiful.


But then again, looks isnt everything  if the game simply doesnt perform.

How many times havent we seen all those astonishing cut scenes and then the game was nearly unplayable.

Arma 1 was nearly unplayable...well i bought played it once and then tossed it away (couldnt even give it away, none of my friends wanted it).

Arma 2, was ok single player after i did got some 3rd party fixes for it, then it ran fine, as multiplay it was a mess. Cheats were out and no one wanted to release any anti-cheat mods. Simply fun as multiplay for the first weeks, then crap.

Dont get me wrong, the idea is kickass good, when i got Arma II to work with some patches that someone not working with Arma II released, the game was very nice single player.

Just the the people who wrap up the game / work with support sux big time.

Would love to see this as a working multiplay with proper support, well hell i play it for single player as well. But work on your support and new content. Just dont release new stuff and leave the player behind.

If Arma III comes out with proper support and patches keeps on coming in, with proper anti-cheat scrips going...then i might buy the game.

But that is probably a lot of wishful thinking ...






I couldn't get into Arma2. Or Arma for that matter.



My analysis from the pics:
This seems really fictional for a "Realistic" shooter. The soldiers are carrying Steyr Aug rifles, mostly used by Austria, Australia and Ireland. They're wearing U.S. Army Multicam uniforms and flying RAH-66 Comanche helos. Is that a German Leopard 2 tank? Maybe it's a ragtag group of NATO soldiers mixing weapons, personnel, armor and aircraft. Also, swimming under water... that's new.

I'm really looking forward to the customizable loadouts. I have about 300 different rifles (mostly RobertHammer mods) in my armory that I sift through to find a specific one. M4, M14, M16, Mk16, Mk17, HK416, L85A1, AK-103, AK-107, etc. They all have accessories like CCO, RCO, EOTech, M203, black or camo color, etc. It would be nice to choose a basic rifle and then attach accessories as you please.

Those minimum specs are pretty high. I wonder what the recommended specs will be. The PC I built 3 years ago barely meets the minimum specs. Good thing I'm building a new one in August.

Correction: It's a FN F2000 rifle produced in Belgium. Not a Steyr Aug.



Graphics looks amazing. Very real to be exact. I might buy one, however, I have little patience for these kinds of games. I played Arma2 Demo on Steam and heck, I had no idea what to do during one of those missions. :P

However, if you were to connect millitary shooters and real word wars, I can be sure that many of the wars we've been in (Vietnam War and War on Terror) can be considered as false flags, especially the Vietnam War since it's comfirmed through wikileaks that there was no Gulf of Tonkin attack, and that it was all staged.

I'd like to see a millitary shooter explaining the truth of these "real world" incidents as the governments we know today are hiding and covering up too many things for greater power and money (in some cases that is).

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