Amazing Mod Double Feature: GTA IV and Oblivion Overhauls Blow Minds, Graphics Cards



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Call of Duty has it's own flock of sheeple so there's no doubt that they'll make some cash off of this. I won't have anything to do with Call of Duty so it doesn't matter to me, but it's sad to see companies taking advantage and sucking as much money as possible from it's customers.Bungie offers the same feature abosolutely free. Except for that fact that if you want more than what they provided, you have to pay. Now that's fair.What Activision is doing is bullsh3t. Only TRUE COD fanboys would go for that kind of rubbish offer. That's my opinion about this option subscription thing btw. Blogposts service



I've managed to learn what it takes to get asi, scripthook and .net scripts to run as well as adding custom gars/objects/textures... But i have never been able to successfully implement any of the ENB variations including the one described here w/ realIV timecycle... it always looks off, and i can never get antialiasing working iether... I wish someone would release a vanilla to iCe/RealIV/DOF archive... so i can just worry about scripts, vehicles and mayhem!



GTA4 Complete is only $10 right now on Steam



It makes me happy that people are still working so hard to provide expanded content with the wonderful Oblivion platform.  It was a game for the ages, and it perseverence is astounding.  Great-looking work has been done here, and I can't wait to try out the final product.



now will cutscenes also have this look? for GTA4 I mean. I own it on PS3, but I may buy it again if it means that everything is higher definition


Holly Golightly

ОГО ))) Оба видео это круто. ))) Оооочень класс! Когда этих модов в наличии??? Я не знаю где скачать эти моды? ...Но хорошо, хорошо.

Wow! Both of those videos are cool. Definitely impressive. When exactly are they available? I have not the slightest of clues where to download the mods either. None the less, I want these cool mods.



Here's the Link to the GTAIV Mod: 



Wow! That GTA4 mod looks amazing. I may have to pick up the game (on Steam of course) just for that mod. And I may look at re-doing my list of mods for Oblivion as well to include that one.



Holy Crap!

I thought you had to speak English to use a computer?

Yes, that was a joke. The Andoran mod looks incredible, bringing elements of Morrowind back into the series. Let's hope Bethesda doesn't get all RIAA on it and kill the thing before it launches (they've gone after other large mods they felt might compete with their retail products).



There are already some crazy overhauls for Oblivion that do exactly what this Andoran mod does and I'm betting, like Morrowind, these mods will contiune to come out long after Skyrim launches.

However, I have never heard of Bethesda attacking any mod maker except for those who charge a fee for their mods (which is, without Bethesda's conset, completely illegal, since you didn't pay for the license to use the engine). For the most part, 3rd party mod makers have gotten around this by asking for donations to help with their work instead of forcing a charge for the download. So when Bethesda has shut down other mods, it wasn't because they felt threatened by it (which doesn't make much sense, since you have to buy their game in order to play the mod) but because they believe that third party mods should be free (something that may change with the realease of Skyrim, depends how they plan to do mods from now on; an ecosystem similar to an app marketplace would be interesting to see).

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