2011 Release Date for Diablo III is Blizzard's “Goal,” But Delay Possible to “Get It Right”



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Not. Gonna. Happen.

MAYBE 2015,... maybe. Blizzard is too busy gorging on money to care about releasing ANYTHING on a timely manner.



I enjoyed the heck out of D2.  I really want to play D3, but I spent all my gaming money at Steam during their holiday sales.

Subtle Point: there is Perfect and there is Taking Too Long.  D3 is starting to cross into Taking Too Long



Blizzard is without a doubt, the most successful gaming company in the world. World of Warcraft addictions bring in more money every month than some countries. Others have tried to take market share and have not stopped the growing life-sucking force of WoW.

But Blizzard has been dialing it in for years. The innovation just doesn't seem to be there. The company has opted or old gaming concepts and more accessible interface (simple) and super-scalable games (not all that graphically impressive). Some of it has that wonderful patina of nostalgia that keeps it from being a total waste of money. That feeling wears off quickly.

Where is my Android interface to the game(s)? iPod/iPad interface? Even if it's basic and that's the way I 'fish' or whatever ... where are the web-generated clan pages that populate automatically? Where's the multi-platform tie ins to keep the game a part of our lives 24/7 if we want (but don't require it)?

It's not hard to conceptualize these kinds of innovations. It's about time some monster gaming company start developing these things.

I'm hoping for the best for games like Torchlight 2. I don't really expect they'll take the big guys down entirely, but with Steam they will carve out a piece of the pie.



because when you tell some one that you play World of Worcraft thay turn and look at you and say WOW!!!!!! your one of thos



Hell, I'd be happy with a higher resolution Diablo2.



Delays to "get it right"? What they really mean is to make sure the market is saturated with enough hype that they could release dog shit pressed into a disk and get consumers begging to drop $60 a piece on their flaming turds.

Case in point: SCII. Almost 10 years after the original StarCraft and we finally get SCII. Why's that you ask? Because it took all that time to get it right? Because they've been working day and night trying to make sure it's a perfect game that doesn't disgrace the SC name? Bullshit. Blizzard has SOLD OUT. These corporate money whores released 8 (yes, that's EIGHT) games since then, most being Warcraft variations. That's a lot of time to spend in development, so why didn't they spend some on Star Craft sooner? Cuz they're whores, plain and simple. They knew that Warcraft was a hot item and they jumped on the bandwagon. They'll do whatever gets them the most money, and they've pretty milked the Warcraft cash-cow all the can (hell, they have a model where they get MONTHLY INCOME from their WOW titles), so now they need some revenue. StarCraft was an afterthought, haphazardly developed when the bigwigs realized they needed more money to get that yacht and the summer home in the Caribbean this year.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the first StarCraft.. still play it to this day. However, I've played SCII and was frankly not impressed. The DRM, the just so-so graphics (I have a top end system, so it's not that.. I was expecting a little more after 10 years of development and was sorely disappointed), and the $60 per each title in the series is bull. But go ahead, by all means, drink the Kool-Aid.. wait for years and years and years for your sequel and let your anticipation get so high that you love whatever game comes out simply so that you can feel like the series still exists. I'm not judging or insulting you if you do.. you do have to wonder though, even if only to yourself, why you're still buying their games.



Blizzard takes their time because they produce high quality games.  Blizzard and BioWare are both companies that take their time to get their titles right the first time and it shows.  I will buy any of their titles without a second look and so far they've made some of the best games I've ever played.

Your example doesn't prove your argument, it actually works against it.  If they were money grubbers then why not kick out new titles every year or two like Call of Duty?  Almost the same game, just a new look.  Your rant makes no sense.



When you have a product (Warcraft) that is BOTH raking in the dough AND has high customer satisfaction, you'd have to be worse than a retarded moron to not make it continue. It's just good business. Mind you, WoW was only ever expected to have 100,000 players when they were originally developing it.

So-so graphics? Are graphics all you play games for? Graphics and story do not good game make!

DRM? What DRM? I can play offline without a disc.

And 60 bucks? That's worth less than $50 was 10 years ago.


I Jedi

U mad, bro?



Diablo 3 can go die in a fire for all I'm concerned; I want the next SC2 installment.



Diablo III's been in development since 1864??


Somebody want to get the CORRECT DATE on that?



That's called "sarcasm". Supposed to be funny. Obviously it wasn't for you.



Somebody want to eat shit? Oh, THAT is meant for YOU.


Its called accuracy in reporting douchbag.


Now something like "Diablo in production since the dawn of time" would have been funny.

Seeing as The Devil ( diablo ) has been been around for that long.



I'm already tired of it. Was so looking forward to playing it that, I hype myself out of it. Know it just seems like WOW, "yawn". Lets move on to next big thing.

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