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I'm buying it. Not just the review - which is great, but also the game. Never played Dead Space before, but it's a given that a score of 9 from MPC makes the game worth the money. Now let's see... which game site to buy it from? Hey, what about a review of the various game stores, MPC? Nathan? Anyone out there - or will there be just more dead space?



Check out Steam. I know they had Dead Space for super cheap a while back, they might still have it.



Great funhouse horror...however, my all time fav in this genre will always be Doom3. During my last deployment, whenever we had the chance, my buddy Dean and I would hook our headphones into my laptop. He would watch while I played...we both had countless times of jumping out of our seats and taking a moment of pause in the middle of the! The spiders freaked the hell out of me. The ambience of that game will forever set the benchmark for further games down the road...yep...Doom3 takes the cake.



First one nearly made me scream when I was in the one Zero-G room and 2 came from nowhere with almost NO sound. didn't Help I had on stereo headphones, playing @ 2 in the morning, with a darker tint to the screen.

What they do with the absence of sound unnerved me more than sudden spikes in horror music ever could do

EDIT: this game is now fun to make the uninitiated play lol.

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