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Dead Space 2 is not such a bad video game and seriously there can be worse! I know of a company that printed out brochures ( via Waveline Direct Printing ) with a funny add about a game that was a real success in the years to come. If that is their marketing strategies then so be it; who are we to interfere with it?



Yeah, M rated games should be targeted at adults, not kids.

But it's pretty clear that's not what publishers think. There's a reason why nudity in M rated games isn't common, and that's because parents would object to it, whereas they don't care about the violence.



Great post.  Thanks for calling those dummies in marketing out.



If game companies were serious about keeping minors from buying M-rated games, CoD wouldnt be as popular. Half the people on there are 12 year olds



its one thing to sterotype, dont get me wrong, its bad and we all do it anyway. However, i do agree that the advertising campaign behind the game made thier point to me exactly when I saw the ads. If I wanted a game that has awsome visuals, lots of "coolness" and a game that I know my mom will dismiss as another act of teenage rebellion. I sought this game. too bad I pirated it, and gave it to all my friends. o well. 



Of course game companies aren't serious about keeping M-rated games out of the underaged. They have absolutely no reason to. Money is the same whether it comes from a hard working adult's hands or a 10-year old's allowance. 



I agree about the stereotyping but I've just learned to shrug my shoulders at it instead of going into a red faced, foaming at the mouth rant (which no one takes seriously anyway) I've learned to either share my opinion with logical, unemotional facts or vote at the ballot box, cash register etc... It's all you can do really short of becoming some kind of activist. (Tea Party anyone?)

On a side note: Does anyone else think that Thomas McDonald looks remarkably like the actor that played the character Garak On Deep Space 9?



I agree with mostly everything, sans your stereotyping comment. EA is not stereotyping an entire gender, class, political ideaology, and region. They are stereotyping mothers whom are conservative and are middle-Americans. Your logic is flawed, and as such you are obviously delusional. That is all. :)



I wholeheartedly and respectfully disagree.  It was a clever ad campaign that feeds directly into our national conflict between liberty and social control, the source of frequent bouts of overt hypocrisy that are truly corrupting this country.  This bizarre post-Puritan neurosis is one of the hardest things for Europeans to understand about us and is the reason they think we are neurotic children. 

This country has teenage mass murderers.  We have declared war on drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, heterosexuality, nudity, literature, art, poverty, injustice, terror, skateboards and gout.  We have won none of these wars because all of these, save gout probably, are against things that are ingrained in our nature and the war is against ourselves.  Telling the truth is a subversive act.  These ads lampoon this hypocrisy and as such they are subversive and therefore awesome.



Amen - Mr. McDonald has obviously missed the point entirely.



Thats a brilliant point you've made, I whole-heartedly agree!



Zachary K.

EBRS ratings are a joke but I cannot think of a better way to do it. Some kids are way mature for their age, but some teens have the maturity of a kid! there are young kids who know fantasy from reality and know not to do things in the video game in real life, but there are some adults who don't know that. Ages are a poor judgement of maturity and if you leave it up to the parents they will ether see their kids as immature all the time or not care and just buy it when they ask.



I couldn't agree more.



Game ratings in their entirety are a joke, much the same as movie ratings, and I'm honestly surprised noone's tried to add Book Ratings here stateside in a while.

While I agree that anything created solely for adults should not be marketing to children, this game is rated 17+, which includes an entire 17th of all underaged people, and with people continuing to live with their parents longer due to our economic recession, the percentage of people who have live-in moms to offend has also gone up.

Coincidentally, after playing the first Dead Space, I'd gladly let my 9 yr. old niece play either game, if the controls weren't so awkward.  you practically have to be 17 to have developed the manual dexterity to make the game work.  There's nothing she hasn't seen on television a dozen times over.

One last important thing to note:  Gamers and Game Companies are not on the same team, we're on opposing sides with diametrically opposed goals and ideals.  The important thing in this battle is that we not let them speak for us.  We should stand up, and tell the public our point of view.

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