Future Tense: The Ebook Also Rises



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The Ebook has began to appear in recent years ,and the traditional newspaper and books will lost slowly as the time goes by.pellet mill line



Heh. Just watched a video blurb that the largest segment for e-books, by far, is romance novels. No longer does someone have to hide the lurid covers or suffer someone blundering into their stacks of books at home. It's driving tons of sales...

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I agree that this new technology could be a big change and it surely offers great opportunities for the education system,but I don't believe that replacing the textbooks would be such a great relief for the budget. Buying digital formats and the necessary technology for every student is more expensive in my opinion than buying the actual textbooks.Textbook buyback will always be an option to get back a part of the money invested.Not to say that it would be expensive to train the teachers and the students to use the materials properly.



Heh. Just watched a video blurb that the largest segment for e-books, by far, is  romance novels. No longer does someone have to hide the lurid covers or suffer someone blundering into their stacks of books at home. It's driving tons of sales...



And once again an entire industry is being threatened out of existence. DRM for E-Books is as easy to crack as any other DRM. Already there are huge torrents with 1000's of E-books in whatever flavor you want and with no DRM. They are small files in comparison to music or video. One Blu-Ray disk could hold a whole library full of properly formatted and unillustrated books.

 The only thing that will prevent wholesale theft is, once again, price. Drop the price of a book down to $2-3 instead of close to hardcover price, and the hassle of finding a book you want online for free goes away.

I own a late model SONY Reader (love it!) and was JUST looking for a book by John Ringo online. The E-book cost is the same as the paperback version though. Off to the library I go. One sale lost directly due to price.



I do not own an ebook reader per say.  I do read a ton of ebooks.  I am big into PDF documents, Technical manuals and School books.  I utilize my Droid phone and even my laptop computer.  The kindle app makes it so easy to synch everything together.  I love free stuff.  I now have a large collection of totally free classics, I am becoming cultured.  I recently read the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin which was fantastic and free.  I have a copy of the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe, I havn't read that one I just browse it in my spare time.  I can take it off the shelf when I have a minute waiting in line or whatever and read a few lines.  My childhood favorite, The Canterbury Tales, is next on my hitlist. Speaking of favorites, I read for fun again!  I read a novel just for fun, what a stress reliever.  I can decide to pick up a book in a matter of seconds.  I do this on my phones 3G connection.  I dont even require blazing internet fees (I meant speeds but I left my mistake in place beacause I thought it was rather Freudian).  This is how E book is changing my life, somday I may actually buy a dedicated E-reader.  If this is happening for me I can only imagine what is happening in other people's lives.  How will it change the world?  I predict smarter people, more culturally aware people, people who know what is going on in the world outside their little sandbox.



I'd say they are a big game changer. My local paper just had a story about a 25 year old woman who worked in a thrift store or something by day and went home and wrote every night. She has just made over $1 million selling ebooks on amazon at .99 each. She now signed a 4 book deal with a publisher. If this is not a way to cut the publisher out of the picture it is at least a new way for publishers to evaluate talent or how the public consumes content.



I bought my wife a kindle since she is a big reader, I mainly read Maximum PC and Motor Trend both in magazine form. She loves it, she can have dozens of books on hand in a small light package.  But aside from the obvious book reading, it is also able to play mp3s, you can do some basic web surfing (email and facebook,) and there is even an option to have the kindle read your books to you, although is sounds like the text to speech voice in windows. But using the features other than book reading does drain the battery faster, but still only needs to be charged about once a week.  I will have to upgrade when they come out with a color e-ink display, then I may start switching my magazines over.



The Colour nook is mainly for people who want a tablet but don't want to spring for it.  the Black and White nook is far better suited to the tasks for which the Kindle is now used.  it features e-ink, it weighs in light, and it reads the vastly superior epub format, all while not trying to be an imitation tablet.  Oh, and I'm not burdened with a Keyboard.




One of the main reasons I purchase the Nook Color was the color display who wants to read Maximum PC in Blaclk and white. I can hop on the Wifi at work and check my Emails and do some light surfing,it dose play movies that I convert to MP4 with Handbrake and play my Music MP3 files but thats just a few bonuses. I like to read books on this device, It's relatively light in weight fits in my bookbag has a desent display and yes it's cheap. So yes this is a win,win in my book.




I am a voracious reader so I picked up a Nook color, man do I love this littel guy.

I purchased 18 books and read 9 books in the past 2 and 1/2 months thanks to ths nook.

I supscribed to maximum PC ,PC Gamer and Maxum Magazine on the nook and I am just loving it.


Long Live the Ebook Revolution.





And the publishers are making the exact same mistakes as the music and movie industries; trying to use 20th century business models with 21st century technology. It has already begun -- arcane ebook rules and regulations, bizarre "end-of-life" restrictions for libraries, byzantine DRM, constant bickering and squabbling over rights to the complete detriment of the consumer, heavily skewed pricing models, etc. etc. etc.



I love the feel of a hardcover or the glossy look of a magazine in my hands. However, I recognize the convenience of ebooks, especially when traveling. You can't exactly have your favorite reads in a suitcase(in my case at least). 

I have been using Kobo and Mobipocket on my Blackberry as an alternative for when I'm on the road or late at nite. And as much as I hated the Kindle initially, maybe its time I considered getting one



A friend at work bought a Sony eReader and was showing it to me. Having an voracious appetite for the written word I was tempted, but just couldn't justify buying a "one use" item.

I'm holding off till someone markets a tablet that not only doubles as an ebook reader, but comes close to the quality of a dedicated reader. From what I hear, well tablet weight can be a problem, reading in bright sunlight is the real stumbling block. When a tablet comes out that rectifies that short coming I'll be getting one.

I just hope it's not an Apple tablet. So far I've resisted the urge to join the iCult, but if Apple can come up with the goods I might have no choice.



I do agree that with the level of progression over the years that companies need to adapt or die.

It would be quite interesting to see how technology will change over time.

"Ebook readers are also a great way to distribute magazines and newspapers."

I see that MaximumPC is on board (Nook store) :)


If anyone's interested, i've downloaded all of the PDF copies of MaximumPC.

I also rent library books (although the selection is rather small)

Lastly, i

Now i'm not saying that i've read them all (only been a member for about a year) but its interesting to go back in time and see how technology shifted over the years.

Good article David.


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