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1) Limit articles to 1 page.  If they MUST span multiple pages by default, provide a "Download" or a "View as single page" link.

2) Preview text should NOT be the same as the first article paragraph.  it should be a summary.

3) Your site MUST be accessible and fully functional without flash or javascript.  I should NEVER have to whitelist your website unless I want to.

4) your website MUST be ADA accessible.  Any image must have alt text, and your layout must make sense when viewed without CSS (IE: as a screen reader views it or from a text browser)

5) When a user visits from a mobile browser and have requested a specific article, they must see that article.

6) Never enable "Post to facebook" by default unless the user has requested it in their preferences.

7) the colour #C040C0 is reserved for my own personal use.  Use #C041C0 or similar if you want this colour.

8) Monitor the adds displayed on your site.  make sure they're not obnoxious, and don't interfere with your website.

9) make sure your website works with a plethora of current browsers.  install ubuntu and kubuntu in a free VM.  (VMWare offers VMWare PLayer which is free and easy, and is also suitable for use as a test server!)

10) Any content should include a "Download" link.  pictures should be high res.  movies should be M4V h264 + AAC encoded.  Audio should be lossless, but high bitrate lossy is an acceptable fallback.  Streaming is okay for inline display only.

11) Adhere to existing standards.  Provide an RSS/Atom Feed, use html4 (Upgrade to 5 soon!), and don't use random arbitrary codecs or fonts that people aren't likely to have installed.  (No Quicktime, no Real Media, no Windows Media).  If you can't find reference documentation on something, don't use it, or at least provide an alternative.



I'll tell ya one example of what NOT to do. Super (the media converter we all know and love) has a horrible site.

The index page is too long and poorly laid out.

the download page has almost the same exact information as the main page, and the download link is very hard to locate. more than once I've started to DL AVI synth by mistake.

I love the program, and for the most part the site has the correct information, but when useers can't find the program you're promoting, there's a problem there.



Perhaps MaxPC should read this post I,ve noticed slow load times when animated ads are running also when I want MaxPC,s site I should get that site and not an ad I have to skip in order to continue



AdBlockPlus works miracles with this sort of thing.



I agree.  I have no problem with static ads, even if they are animated.  I can't stand ads that literally impede the navigation and or browsing of a site.  Ads that expand and contract are amongst the worst because they constantly create redraws of the page.  MaximumPC has become a nightmare to browse on a mobile device, and just obnoxious on standard computers.

(I couldn't even preview my message without being hit by an in page survey/ad popup.)

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