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I think this should be an important imagine and may come true ,I appreciate this is a good post, and someone will be thankful for this post, I would say a thank you for your kind sharing ..@hammer machine



Hey, we all know the network will eventually bring peace.  Not just in the digital space but in real spaces too.   You people who claim to be on the cutting edge forget that you are end users...  as in the end of the product line.  Come to the front of the lifecycle and see how it begins without prejudice.  Leave it behind.



Bravo good sir! Bravo! Another beautifully written and insightful article (to say nothing of a wonderful example of REAL WRITING). I am saving this article to re-read in the future. I write science fiction too, but I haven't finished a book yet. And I LOVE going to the Cons. My favorite being the MegaCon in Orlando Flordia. I never went to the ComiCon because it was just too expensive and too far, even when I lived in Orange County CA. I can't wait to go to another Con and connect with more fans!



I thank the author for taking the time to write this article.  Its nothing ground breaking by any means.  But its nice to have a nice little pep rally every once in awhile.  Next time dont make it so long.





 “That doesn’t work for me.”  



While I admit the article was (quite) a bit long in the tooth, the point was made.  Anyone who has ever been a mod on a forum (something "biggiebob"--complex, perhaps?--"123456"--how original--has clearly never done) is quite familiar with trying to keep the peace, so to speak.  Between spam, irrelevant posts, and rude, ungrateful or childish comments, the amount of patience and understanding required is unreal.  Sadly, not ENOUGH people are willing to speak up when things go awry.

I find it telling how many kiddies respond to say how much they didn't like something.  Wouldn't it make more sense to just stop reading and move on to an article you do like?  It's very much like how you'll most likely participate in the electoral process when you become of voting age.  You'll ignore everything talked about, know nothing about the candidates or the issues, not bother to vote, and then--maybe*--complain when things change for the worse.  You're just on this planet for the lulz, right?

*Or, you'll be so out of touch with current events that you won't even know what's going on in the world, let alone your town.  What's this FICA thing on my paycheck?  I have to leave my home because of eminent domain?  What the?!?!  Public hearing what?

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