FTW! The TOP 5 PC Hardware Products at CES 2011



Max PC covrage of CES has been great. I googled "ASUS & Sandy Bridge" a few days ago and first hit was video of Gordon with ASUS tech looking at newest boards with Intel Sandy Bridge. A few months ago, I was a little pissed that Intel was going 1155 pin socket for new "Locked" processor and going to drop the 1156 pin P55 chipset. After watching Gordon's video I was no longer upset... I see great things coming with the new processor. I'll be watching Sandy Bridge (and ASUS) closely now. Almost time to pull my recently installed i7 875K ASUS board for a new one. Existing board most likely will end up a home server or passed down the foodchain to spouse or other family member.

Keep up the great work Maximum PC!

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