From the Intern: Where is Everyone?

From the Intern: Where is Everyone?

It's quiet. Too quiet.

With Will and Gordon both out of the office this week, it's just me, Tom and Murph on this side of the office. Gordon's muffled cursing no longer drifts peacefully through the air, and my self-esteem is nearly back to pre-MaxPC levels.

It's been quite a week so far. Astute readers will notice all of Tom, Thomas, and Will's columns from April to August have been added to the From the Magazine section; that's all me.

Work on the PDF archives is progressing, but we're having trouble shrinking the 100MB files small enough to be easily downloadable while still looking good. We should have a convenient Archives page soon enough, with downloadable issues dating back as far as we can manage. There'll be nifty Table of Contents pages galore, and issues from the first half of this year (January-July) are ready to go as soon as we can optimize the PDFs. We're working backwards from there, but how far back we go depends on how much else there is to do. The whole making-a-magazine thing tends to take up most of our time. Even mine.

In other news, I’m working on a top secret project that will hopefully bring great joy to everyone. More updates as that develops.

Oh, and I’d like to take this time to rebut a few of Gordon’s more malicious podcast-borne assertions.

  • I haven’t shown up to work hung over even once, much less “every day”. I am usually drunk by the time I leave, but that’s unrelated.
  • Yeah, I was late to work one day last week, but that’s because I saw an endangered lemur trying to cross the road with its babies, and I had to stop traffic on a 4-lane highway so this magnificent animal could survive.
  • Gordon fails to mention the fact that he and Doc Octopus are never seen in the same place at the same time. Coincidence? I think not!

That’s all the news from Buttersville today, folks. Now back to your regularly-scheduled content-filled and doctor-recommended magazine.



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At some point we should have a meter so that we can can see which editor is the meanest drunk. Sure, there's probably better uses of everyones time, but really--nothing is more fun than seeing the intern get whacked by all the editorial staff.

This quite possibly explains why people leave during the summer. No one wants to be around a lot of angry drunken writers.



In my desktop publishing experience, I have always made PDFs around 120dpi for the images. Also, removing backwards compatiblity removes some weight as well. A good tool in Acrobat is PDF Optimizer Advanced>PDF Optimizer (alt-a + alt-p). All of the settings you really need to tweak are there.



That Gordon was a San Francisco tourist.




I can't wait for the pdf magazine archives. I want to see the world renown 11/10 that half-life 2 got.



Talk about turning the dial up...

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