Flickr Tools

Flickr Tools

A lot of us here are big fans of flickr, and while Gordon has made his disdain for all things Web 2.0 known, as a tool for archiving and sharing photos, I think it’s the best option around. And although we just finished our story about office time-wasters (it’ll be in the June issue), I find scrolling through the photos of some of my favorite groups—Guess Where SF and Street Art are a couple—to be much more of a time sink than Dave’s near-constant barrage of virtual paper-airplane-throwing challenges.

Lately, I’ve been making more use of some of the tools being developed by third parties. The biggest collection I've found so far is at Fd’s Flickr Toys; the site includes a load of tools, including a CD cover maker and a “Warholizer.” Good stuff—and the list of items keeps growing.

Dumpr doesn’t offer as many tools as Fd’s Flickr Toys, but the museumr tool is pretty entertaining; it lets you drop your photos into museum-like settings (see below for an example). A couple games based on guessing what keyword a set of photos shares have also been taking up some time. Fastr is pretty bare-bones, but still fun. Matchr includes more features, including leaderboards and featured groups, but requires you to sign up for an account to access some areas (accounts are free).

A good way to get started is to check out some of the sites that have compiled lists of tools; Quick Tips Online and are two good ones. If you’ve found some tools you really like, post them in the comments.

With museumr, you, too, can see your photos in a museum.



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