Wolfenstein 3D: Open-Sourced, iPhoned, Still Full of Dog Food



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The podcasts just aren't the same without you Murph!




HAHA violence? Well maybe when he's hurt i think the face is bloody other than that, wheres the violence?



Cool, isn't it?  Carmack was able to pull code from a source port of Wolf3D that had been continually-updated for new hardware and APIs, rather than having to start from scratch with a pile of 386 code that is nigh-unusable these days.  Thus, we get a classic game released quickly for less than a Big Mac and fries.  That is what open-sourcing your obsolete tech gets you -- the chance to return to it later.  Even if it does end up being "a mess".

Way to go, Id! Your foresight has paid off in the form of more profits for you and a classic game on a new platform for the fans.



My first 3D shooter on a 486DX. I remember my parents being concerned because it was so violent. Well, at least my mom, I'm pretty sure my dad secretly thougth it was awesome! :P

Those were the days.


Keith E. Whisman

The First game that I ever used Cheat codes for. Hell it's the first game that I even new that you could cheat at.



This game is the reason for your $350+ console.


DMI PC Repair

Open GL and the graphics still suck.  Way to go Carmack.  Don't you know Iphone apps are the first steps toward the end of your career!!  Maybe that Doom movie was a bad idea.



I remembered playing this game till the end when i was young.... I had headache! So many doors and so many turns! Who wants wolf 3d even if its free?



I remember playing it shortly after it was released. I was a senior in high school and played it on my buddy's 386. It blew me away. Sure it's lame now but back then there was nothing else like it. The grand daddy of all first person shooters. Bow down and show some respect.



 I remember when i was younger, playing a bunch of games i had on some cd i got for like 4 bucks in a store along with deer hunter, this was one of them. I felt special because the CD had to be run through CMD.

  I don't like Microsoft, I just associate with it.

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