Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: Authenticator



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Windows Login Recovery is designed for recovering lost Windows local password, reset Windows 7 admin password, Windows Vista password,etc with a bootable CD/DVD.

Windows Login Recovery is one of the best Windows password reset tool used for Windows admin or local user password recovery. Just burning the Windows password recovery ISO image file onto CD/DVD, you can reset your forgot windows 7 login password instantly and get access to your Windows in a minute.



can I use this and the keychian dongle? Sometimes I play on my laptop when away from the house and I forget that damn thing, but I always have my phone



I'm fairly certain the Blizzard FAQ says that it's a one or the other thing, so no. But you could remove the dongle and use just the smart phone app.



oh ok. I guess I could have just read and found that out myself, but I got caught in the moment ;-)


thanks for the info. !

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