Windows App of the Week: Windows 7 Color Changer



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MS is ahead of the ball on this one (at least for 8).  Nice that this brings auto-colorization to 7 though.



What I would also love to see is a little app/gadget/whatever to play through the slideshow. All it would need would be a forward back and play/pause button. I started trying to make one before I realized I have no programming ability.



personally, i would be interested in an app for windows 7 that will allow changing the "glow" color around the text of windows' titles.  because i use a dark theme and the current unchangeable white glow clashes with my dark theme.  i would like to be able to set that glow to black and my windows title text to white. 

additionally, there is a permanent light blue tinting on a lot of the windows 7 UI.  i would prefer to set that to gray so it can fit universally with any color theme.  or better, be able to adjust the color of the tinting.

and then there is the green progress bar--i personally would prefer to be able to set that to a blue.  or better, be able to set that to any color.

as you can see, windows 7's default UI customization features set is lacking and incomplete.  any apps that can solve this?


Fecal Face

You can use Windowblinds to change just about everything (progress bars, etc.), and there's loads upon loads of skins and stuff to download.

It's not free though, I think it costs about $20



but i dont want to change to a different skin.  i want the existing windows 7 skin, but with more options for customizing the colors.



You don't have to change the skins, you can keep the current skin and just change the color of the tiles.

However, like he said, it is 20 bucks versus a free product, you can make a logical conclusion that most people will spring for the free app.

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