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Ultrasound Tech...

I have already used the VLC Player and I used it frequently in viewing videos or movies because it is more faster and loads quickly compared to other viewing softwares. 



I have to say I used to use VLC and it got so buggy that I had to seek out another solution. I now Use Media Player Classic which always works and seems to play anything I throw at it. Like VLC it is also free.



I really tried hard to like this program, but it never really gave me the experience I was looking for. I wanted light-weight, and yes it does provide that, but its lacking a lot in the process.

First of all, the skin is atrocious, I completely despise the grayed out interface, it reminds me of windows 2000, ohh those buggy days... And how appropriate, the skins are just as buggy as the outdated operating system. Minimizing, then opening a video, would create tearing in the skin and massive video artifacts. The only way to close the media player would be through task manager.

Oh and the hype about super speediness... Unless you're using some badly coded media player like divx you won't really notice the difference in opening times. Even so, I hardly think its worth the sacrifice in aesthetics and smooth operation.

HOWEVER, I suppose when it comes down to it, it really is just a media player, and as one it works pretty well. But nothing more. So if you're looking for a quick way to open a file, VLC can do it.

Just be prepared for the ugliness and limited functionality that comes along with it. And don't forget the ugliness.



Are u kidding me...  VLC is so buggy that its barely even useable.  Load times are slow. 

What is use is the CCCP codec pack with MPC.  Works flawlessly. 



In my opinion VLC is one of the best media players. What i like the most about it is the fact that it can easily handle all kind of video content, ranging from mkv to dvd. If other players have real difficulties in running full hd content this is not the case with VLC media player. With this program you can easily load up subtitles for your movies. The interface is simple and very well organized. VLC Media Player



Personally, I use Zoom Player because it doesn't glitch as much and doesn't pre-cache like  VLC does. Zomm Player automatically starts your videos within secounds, as apposed to VLC.

Zoomplayer is also perfect for watching your favorite anime with the .mkv at the end. ^_^

I rate VLC a 9/10. :)



Been using VLC Player for years and for the most part love it. If only it did BD. Been using the sorry of an excuse PowerDVD to do BD. I hate nearly everything about PowerDVD. Way over priced for buggy garbage.



I'm a longtime user of VLC and I can tell you that when they changed rendering engines with version 1.1.0 (and after, of course) they kinda broke the program.  For all versions 1.1.0 and after (together with Win 7 64 plus an Nvidia card), you'll likely experience lockups, program crashes, user interface oddities, media library non-functionality, etc.  Just visit their forums and read the complaints for yourself.

Thankfully, their website includes a legacy build section from which you can download earlier versions.  I recommend 1.0.5, since it's the newest version available closest to 1.1.0 **.


** 1.0.6 is listed but it's the pre-compiled source code.  If you can compile an exe from source code, then have at it, Hoss.



Im using version 1.1.9 with no problems at all.  I use it for everything except watching bluray on.  I too have Win x64 and use two Nvidia GTX 460 SLIed with no problems that you mention.



Are there any other players out there for Windows or iPad that will play any media file fast or slow with audio?  This is the only one I've found.  WMP will only play some formats at faster speed.


Roll Tide

I actually use VLC the most for making ringtones I can strip audio from flash video to make mp3s for my phone. Pretty dangtastic!




This is the second time I've had to comment on this...

VLC is an open source multi-platform software, it is NOT a "Windows App".

Top of the homepage:
A project and a non-profit organization, composed of volunteers
developing and promoting free, open-source multimedia solutions. 

Supported Operating Systems include:
10 Different Linux Distributions
Mac iOS
3 Different types of BSD
And yes, Windows.

Not to be hating, just get peeved when someone calls a multi-platform software such as this a "Windows App".

I've used VLC for most of my video and other multi-media tasks on both Linux and Windows for many years, at least 5.

I've actually used it for web-cam duties, the power this app has is mind-boggling!

Dan O. 



I use BSplayer, VLC, and Media Player Classic - I find each one is better at certain file types than the others, although MPC is probably the least fussy, best all around player out there.



zoom player is not free, but i highly recommend it as a play-everything video player.  elegant interface, lots of customization, stable, fast, and it even manages codecs and updates for you.  no codec packs needed.  i've been using it since version 5 and it's the best.

btw: i've tried vlc before and i didn't like it for the various problems already mentioned by people here.



The biggest thing for me to be in support of VLC is I've yet to find a video format it won't play.  I'm sure there are some out there that won't work, but everything I've thrown at it works.  I have noticed the issues Rimael mentioned, but that's mainly only when I'm skipping through a video.



I use VLC primarily for streaming RTSP video content to my android phone.  I have around four terabytes of movies/tv/music on my file server at home that I can pull up on my phone from anywhere, at any time.  Thank you VLC!




The problem with VLC is it's stability, or lack there of.  When playing high definition content, it tends to hit lag spots.  When it comes to one of these, it will just hang the video for a period of time, usually over 20 seconds.  Normally I would blame this on a error in the video, except when I play it with Media Player Classic I do not have any of these problems.

I can say that VLC is a good "default" program, but when I am working with anything 720p and up, MPC is the way to go.  What VLC has in ease of use, MPC offers with detailed and in depth control.  VLC used to work great, but in the last few iterations, they have really messed it up.





I use K-Lite x86 & x64 with WMP. It has everything you need to play all or nearly all video content in WMP. I keep MPC as there are certain content that have artifacts when played with WMP so I have to use MPC.



It's my favorite media player.  Unlike the fella blow me that is having a love affaire with Media Player Classic.  I use VLC for all the options it gives me, Its easy to use layout, small file size, and that it plays everthing.  

Not to say I don't have media player classic.  I use it every great once and a while, mostly for old files I have backed up on cd that do not play well on VLC.  

Good call Murph.



I'm not entirely sure why you are promoting VLC as a good media player when there are other, better opensource alternatives.  If you are sticking with Windows, nothing beats Media Player Classic -Home Cinima- combined with ffdshow-tryouts or the CCCP pack.  If you are a Windows, OSX, or Linux user, mplayer2 is better all around and offers a wide range of GUIs.  Builds of mplayer2 are available for Windows and Meida Player Classic is included with CCCP .  Please stop promoting the shitty excuse for a media player that is VLC now that you know of the better alternatives.



If you really believe this than you are a moron. There is always room for a few good video players. Resigning yourself to just one is completely ludicrous. Yes, MPC is great! But don't rip on a video player just because 'you' dont use it.



DigitalNogi Likes This! lB



I'm NOT attached to just one media player.  Hell if you just read my comment you would notice that I recommended TWO different media players.  I don't even use MPC-HC, I am a mplayer guy.  What I am against is people using badly coded and performing media players that are full of bugs that don't exist in the libraries they are linked against.

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