Windows 8 SP1: What We Hope To See



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In your opinion. I find it not very nice to look at, but I don't like minimalist I prefer the look that aero gives and 7 is polished enough for my tastes, that is my opinion.



This article is very misleading. As a first adopter to Windows 8 I can say there is absolutely nothing wrong with the interface, and it is a supplemental to the main core of the OS. I spend most my time on the desktop, but when i want to use certain apps. I switch between the modern UI and the desktop by clicking on the edges. Yes I just upgraded from windows 7

The fact that it mentions about a "missing start menu" makes me not take this article seriously. People complaining about the missing start menu..Really?? I find that the start screen is much more better as you can pin it as a tile on the wall in the modern UI. But most of all its in your face when you first boot up.

As for the Apps. I have found apps that will replace having to use the browser to login, such as netflix. I am sure more are coming.



I hate to break the news to you, but people complain like this every time there is a major upgrade to the GUI in an operating system - ask Mac users or people who converted from 3.1 to 95, or 98 to XP. Most of those weren't nearly as dramatic as 7 to 8, but the same thing happens: Some new feature comes in and takes the place of something everyone's been using, and all hell breaks loose. So you like it, as do I - that doesn't mean it's not broken, nor does it invalidate other people's opinion of it being as bad as moldy white bread covered with lice being fed to a toddler. (Sorry, didn't do enough "gross out" comments this year, so I have a surplus...)

In case you missed the first couple of paragraphs, this was stated as an opinion piece. So you don't agree with it - move along.



Actually I really enjoyed the win 3.1 to 95 experience I loved the desktop and start button/menu

What I don't like is being force feed a cellphone/tablet way of doing things on my desktop it would have been so easy for MS to give me a choice at install time of how I'd like my DESKTOP/Laptop PC to look after install..... thank god for stardocks start 8 now I can just get on with what I want to do without all the hassle and gimmickry



I honestly love windows 8 and don't really see why people hate it so much. Granted I bought a 23 inch touch screen from Acer that does enhance the experience, but once you get the start menu back, which was really easy, it becomes quite intuitive.



I like how you say "Windows 8 is great!" but then say it's only great once you add the Start Menu again. Sounds like they shipped it broken then.



How in hell does having to raise your arms to touch your screen "enhance" the experience? When I use my home desktop computer I want to relax with mouse in hand not hold my arm out every time I need to launch something or do whatever. The only time I want to raise my arm is to bring my coffee mug to my mouth. To each his own I guess.



I have yet to reach my arm up and touch my screen. Scroll wheel does its job perfectly. About the most annoying issue with my computer right now is the fact that I have to unplug my RAT5 when I go back to Mint.



Agreed. I'm really enjoying it a lot. It's refreshing to compute in a whole new way.



I agree. At least with previous versions of windows the user had the choices to configure things. Win 8/metro takes away that choice.

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