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Carroll PMacD

I've fixed my problems with Windows 8, it now runs as Regular Windows under Windows 8, I just switched to Desktop View and installed a Start Button. My laptop mini is an 11.6" Acer with Windows 8 on it, and I have 3 other computers, 1 with Windows XP Pro (Used in our bed room to watch Netflix and other shows), Vista Ultimate (Used as my IIS/ASP Web Server) and my main computer is a Windows 7 Gateway 8 gigs of ram and about 6 Terabytes of Hard Drive (Internal and External), I do Graphic/Video and Audio Creations.



Agreed, I use Classic shell.

It's amazing how a start menu is the difference between making Windows 8 usable or not.

Now that I have a start menu, I actually enjoy Win 8.



FYI the Logitech Touchpad is $54 on Amazon.

A lot less then the $80 listed in the article.



These same review's were either in the Max PC October or Noveber 2012 issue. Definitely not a 4/15/13 article by any mean's.



Hey BRKKAB, this article was actually the January 2013 issue. We would have liked to include the Surface Pro unit in the review roundup, but alas, Microsoft says they're in short supply and couldn't provide us with a review unit. :(

Go figure.

- Maximum PC Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang



No kidding...

Where is the Surface Pro review?
Samsung 700t ATIV review?

and Seriously MPC... an "8" for Windows RT? NOBODY wants a Windows based machine that you CANNOT load x86 or x64 apps to. This should have been a major ding against the RT. Are you guys living in the real world??

C'mon guys, I'm sorry but I expect better from THE cutting edge computing magazine.



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Twizzlers >>>>>>>>>>> Red Vines

I went there.



Nice, it's good to see some positive looks at Windows 8. They have a very ambitious project, indeed, and I have not particularly hated it so far.



I used to be incredibly annoyed by Windows 8, but with the free classic shell Start button, I actually really like the OS as it feels like a speedier version of Windows 7.

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