Windows 7 Feature Focus: Working with Displays and Projectors



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I really had no know that windows 7 has the display and projection feature.

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It's incredibly easy to use projector rentals with Windows 7. These are great tips to make sure your presentation look perfect.



 Excellent blog post, I look forward to reading more.

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I really like Windows 7 so far!  I am running the RC x64 Ultimate version on an Athelon 64 X2 4600+ and a GeForce 8400GS (512MB) video card.  The video has two outputs: 1 VGA and 1 DVI.  I have a VGA adapter on the DVI port and am running twin ASUS wide screen monitors (new).  When I boot Windows 7, the post information appears on my right monitor (the secondary monitor when in use and the one connected to the DVI port via the VGA adapter). However the login information appears on the left monitor (my primary, default monitor, which is using the straight VGA connection) and the right monitor loses signal at that point.  After login, I can enter the Screen Resolution dialog and select "Extend these displays" and the system works wonderfully.   My problem is that I have to go through this EVERY TIME I BOOT! 


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I guess I need to stop underestimating Microsoft's patching system.  This morning, when I booted up Windows 7 for probably the 40th time, both screens were immediately up for the very first time!!!  Fantastic!  Now I'm just waiting for 22 October to get my production version.



 Love the wallpaper changer. Just pointed towards my wallpaper folder, clicked on shuffle, and always find a high res wallpaper that I have personally chosen. Go to

for great wallpapers.

 I wish there was a quicker way to change the sleep settings as I have to click through a bunch of screens to get to the setting. No good having the computer go to sleep when I am doing a long process or download.




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