Windows 7 Feature Focus: Recovery Environment



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Data Backup If you think of your Documents library as the center of your data universe, and keep an elaborate series of folders and files there and in other libraries, then you?ll understand the necessity of backing up these crucial files on a regular basis. To this end, Windows 7 supports both automatic and manual data backup options, enabling you to choose which files to back up and when. You can then restore your backups at any time to recover previous versions of documents, or to replace a file you may have accidentally deleted.

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Yes offcourse its absolutely correct window 7 is very best and useful for all,  File Renamer ,I read and understand the entire article and I really enjoyed it to be honest. Thanks.



Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system

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That was much better prestented than the microsoft article on the subject. The screenshots helped a lot.

If System Recovery Options seems nicer than you'd expect from Microsoft, it's because it came out of ERD Commander, which Microsoft bought Sysinternals to get.



Has anyone tried running System File Checker from the command prompt in the Recovery Environment?  I'm assuming it would work if you can use any other commands.



 ....and a good move for MS, but Norton Ghost is still faster and easier  :)


Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)


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I managed to botch up my partition tables a couble days ago by shuting down my pc in the middle of the boot. Popped my Win 7 dvd in the drive, loaded up startup repair and it was automatically fixed in less than a minute.



It's amazing how easy Windows 7 makes this type of repair. And, thanks for the reminder that you can use your Windows 7 DVD as a repair disc (although I prefer to make a separate one).


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