Windows 7 Feature Focus: Networking and Homegroups



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I know-I know - upgrade the server. But why - if it aint broke...

Windows 7 (albeit home premium) can't get through the username password requirement. Didn't Vista do this early on too if I recall?  



Can you use Windows 7 Homegroup (desktop) to connect with a Vista laptop?  Or do both computers need to be Windows 7?  What about a XP laptop?




finally! Except that you need to change the proxy each time...



I cant get my printer to print. It says it recognizes it. I did a ping and it said it was connected i think. And i cant get tech support for windows 7 either.



Hey guys, long time reader of the print mag. I was wondering if you had attempted streaming media to the xbox360 yet with Windows 7? I like to browse through all my media via a standard folder setup, because I hate using the windows media center extender capability (too clunky and slow for my tastes). What I used to do was just use windows media player sharing service to share select folders of mine to the xbox360 with my windows xp pc. I have tons of encoded HD movies and music that I like to stream. Worked like a charm on XP without a single hitch.


Getting things working with Windows 7 has been a nightmare. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE everything else about windows 7, but you'd think that sharing between 2 microsoft products wouldn't be such a hassle. When I try setting it up the old way through windows media player (and also making sure that the xbox is enabled to share to within the networking control panel, and sharing the folders themselves over the network), almost everything works on the xbox360, except half the folders that are shared show up as empty when opened from the xbox (but I can play those files fine from within the WMP library). I try substituting it with services like TVersity and Orb, but Orb just runs incredibly slow and TVersity. . . I don't know what the heck goes on there, when it works it works great, but almost everytime I want to play a video the xbox can't connect to the tversity service andI end up having to run upstairs to either a) reboot the pc, b) reboot the routers (I have a router connected to the xbox that is bridged to the one upstairs) or c) restart the tversity service. Not to mention now, no matter which way I stream music through the xbox, it skips like crazy all of the time.


I'd like to see what kind of experience you've had with it. I've run into other people having problems with it just doing a google search. It drives me nuts, I've spent so much time trying to figure it out because I love everything else about windows 7 but it's going to have to force me to go back to XP until microsoft smooths things over.



I used to love HomeGroup when it actually worked between my lappy and desktop. Now it refuses to work and gives me an error every time I try to join. "Windows cannot join this HomeGroup", which is fine for me because I can use the old-fashioned sharing method. I've tried disabling/enabling IPV6, checked router for anything,disabled firewalls on both machines, and nothing.

Still a kick ass feature though. Can even share documents!



I'll try it when I finish my install today.

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I may not know as much as I think I don't.



Can you still use a batch file to map network drives in Win7?

For example,

Net Use Z: \\Celery\temp 




I discovered that workgroup or domain name are compulsories in the W7 (Windows 7) net use command such as this example : "NET USE N: \\\SHAREDIRETORY PASSWORD /USER:WORKGROUP\USERNAME"



Net Use and the rest of the Net family are still around for use in batch files.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.

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