Windows 7 Feature Focus: Devices and Printers



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Thanks for the heads-up!



it is really a good website to share information here. i like it.ffxiv gil



In the bulleted list of right-click menu items, it says "Ceate a shortcut".



In your bulleted list of other devices, you have game controllers listed twice.



I used to use windowblinds back in the day and I loved the fact that it had a 4th button in the upper right corner that would allow me to set the window to be always on top. That was over 10 years ago! With every windows release I expect this button to make an appearance and it never does. Why oh why ms can you not give me my always on top button? I don't want to have to run some other shell program just so I can keep windows always on top, but it would make some tasks so much easier. I haven't tried win 7 yet, but I doubt this feature is included there. Its not like the OS doesn't support it, A few programs will allow you to set the always on top feature in their settings menu, but there is no reason it shouldn't be a default setting alongside maximize minimize and close. /endrant



How about support for older devices ? How about an easier way to remove devices that are no longer attached but still linger in the registry waiting to mess things up. But don't get me wrong now I can finally find my mouse settings .... wow .... thank god ... where would I be if I could find my mouse or screen saver settings



 Device Management has got to be the single greatest improvement to Windows in my opinion.   Win 7 has had native support for every single device I have plugged into it.  I have loaded it onto 4 different PCs and three laptops, all from different manufacturers and I have not had to install a single driver.  That is amazing!


-- "What am I, MacGyver? Fix it with what?"--




Man, this is great! I love it when someone points out something about Win7 that i can use!

I've been running Win7 on my Acer AspireOne and its fantastic! i love how maxPC has these little "how-tos" every so often!

 Keep up the good work!!       -Denis



I really like the new look and feel

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