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Can VB allocate part of the host memory for a guest on hardware basis, like CPU for example?
Someone told me this is possible in order to isolate the guest memory from the host's memory completely, so that the host cant be attacked via the vb guest.

As far as I know hw virtualization applies to CPU only.





"The only requirement is that each operating system must be capable of supporting the underlying hardware" not exactly. I for instance wanted to give Vista 64 bit a trial run on a VM running on Vista 32 bit. No dice, seems the processor is not capable of executing both code sets at the same time -_-



to try all the new Linux distros when they are first released. You can easily compare distros side by side on different monitors.


Acer Aspire 5610z,Vista HP, No problems with Vista... so far, but I'm learning Linux, just in case.

Acer Aspire 5315-2153, $348 Walmart Special,Mandriva Linux 2008.1 Spring Edition,VirtualBox 1.6.4



We have a VM Ware ESXi box at work that currently runs 5 servers for us and aloud us to pull some older production servers out of production since they were nearing the end of their life cycle.  Also several of us at work have switched over to Kubuntu since we are a .net shop we just use Virtual Box to run Windows on our machines.  Virtual Box has a really cool seamless feature that makes it look like your windows apps are running natively inside linux when they are really just running in a VM.    We also use our ESXi box for certain XP machines for customers that we need to VPN into that way we can VPN with that machine and not affect our actual machine :)



Virtualization is a new wave for the future. This is great for buisness and schools where they can buy one super server like a Nvidia Tesla, etc. And from there virtualize it out to users and have them each run their own operating system windows witout have a full computer. That kind of technology is still a little while away.




the cost benefits of running a virtual machine environment in a work place is great too. at my job, we have a server dedicated to this with about 32 virtual machines running on it, and i tell you, maintenance is a breeze, just hook in with the management software and look at any given machine, what processes are running, be able to remote control any given machine/reboot/power down with a few clicks. it certainly does make for a less stressful day then a terminal server does. ie. something goes wrong with one user on a term server and most of the time its bound to be affecting everybody on that term server, but its limited to one person with the virtual machines:D



for some programs that you don't trust you can use a virtual machine to test it, that's real nice

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