White Paper: Stereoscopic Imaging



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I've been impressed with the 3D technology achieved in theaters with the mildly inconvenient linear or circular polarizing glasses which the user has to wear.  I am very near-sighted and wear regular glasses and have not found the addition of polarizing glasses to be a problem.  I have seen Beowulf and most other major 3D releases since then including Avatar and Alice and thoroughly enjoyed the experience though often very "dark".  For those who bemoan the need for glasses, until holographic technology comes of age, glasses will be the only way!  I cannot wait until I can use the same polarizing technology at home that is now available in theaters.  I cringe when they release a 3D movie for home viewing using the old red/green lens technology, like Beowulf and Coraline.  Yes, you get a 3D image, but you lose almost all color and are left esentailly with a B&W 3D image.I want the same 3D experience at home that is now available in theaters and YES, I will be one of the early adopters!



Saw "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D a few weeks ago.  Gave me a headache and terrible eyestrain for 3 hours after the movie ended.  I won't be purchasing a 3D telivision in the forseeable future.





HA HA  just kidding... sort of.

It weird how they are trying to pawn this out thinking that everyone will need/have to have it...   didnt work for very long in the 60-70s must have entertainment.  its just not convenient enought for everyone... depending on how nearsighted/farsighted you are the tech is going to be a washout


Ahhh, just what the Doctor needed!



They're smoking dope if they think they're going to sell 10 million units.  Consumers didn't ask for 3D, it's been crammed down our throats courtesy of "Avatar."  Not one person I know is even remotely interested in shelling out triple the cost for a TV that will run 3D, much less having to mess with the glasses.

IMNHO, this will be a huge bust.



Have you ever tried to wear 3D glasses over regular glasses? I can't see a thing without them. To add another pair over top that are ill fit is just plain wrong. If this is the future (with glasses) I'll pass.

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