White Paper: Solid State Drives



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When SSD's have decent controllers - almost, not quite - they'll just destroy HDD's for performance.

You nice people spend kilobucks on PAINT JOBS for Dream PC's, and you gripe about cost per gig?

Fer crissakes. 2014? Get real. Your readers will have 64GB SSD boot drives as soon as the controllers don't suck. That'll be, what, September?

WTF with you guys ...

Have a nice day,




There's a difference between MaximumPC readers having something and it being ubiquitous, Russ. I don't doubt that our readers will have SSD boot drives well before 2014, which is only five years off. But I don't think SSDs will outsell magnetic media any time within the next few years.



In re. SSD's, what is the estimate of the sweet spot for $ per GB for it to really take off?  I'm seeing a range of $2.50 to $7+ per GB right now in a quick search.  Plus, they're all fairly small now in comparison to platter hard drives.



Very informative! Thank you! I've been considering moving my desktop system to SSD and will keep this article in mind.

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