White Paper: Rechargeable Batteries



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Be careful not to charge Ni-MH batteries in Ni-Cd only battery charger. It is ok to charge N-Cd in a NiMH battery charger but not the other way around because old Ni-Cd battery chargers have a higher trickle charge which Ni-MH batteries cannot handle. Ni-Cd batteries on the other hand can handle the lower trickle charge in Ni-Mh battery chargers with no problem.



There's another battery technology gaining some steam, Nickel-Zinc or NiZn.  This helps for particular high-drain applications like camera flashes, and they (company called PowerGenix) are trying to get in the vehicle industry






The problem with Lithium-Ion batteries is that Heat is their enemy. When your laptop runs on AC, it's smart to remove the battery pack and store it in a cool place. Low temperatures forestall the inevitable and irreversible chemical changes that occur in Li-ion batteries. if your laptop is mostly run off household AC power, you can greatly extend the life of its Li-ion battery this way: Run the battery down to about 40% of maximum charge, remove it, and store it in a tightly wrapped plastic bag inside your refrigerator! Storage at about 40 degrees is ideal. Li-ion batteries last longer when kept in a charge state between 40% and 100%. It's OK to run Li-ion batteries flat when you have to, but the ideal scenario for longest life is one full discharge cycle for about every 30 or so partial cycles. Even if you're perfectly careful with your Li-ion batteries, they'll slowly go bad on their own due to their irreversible and inevitable chemical changes. This is one of the main reasons why cool storage helps preserve Li-ion battery life, the cool temperatures slow the chemical reactions. With careful use, you can get 300 to 500 charge cycles from a new, high-quality Li-ion battery, especially when the battery's stored in a cool location when it's not in use.

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