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max trembley

What about the security of a cloud computing? Is it possible to loose information about your clients? And if so, what kind of private cloud provider should I contact? I mean one that can clone applications, make the application infrastructure easily scalable and so on.



This is just another extension to distributed computing. Unlike some of the posters here (and elsewhere), I don't see what the big concern is over Cloud as it pertains to P/O/S (c) - privacy, ownership and security.

What the hell do people think happens now when they log on the internet and do a Google search? Sheesh.

Regardless - there will always be apps running locally - whether on a single workstation or from a locally controlled server on a LAN. Oh ssure if ALL SW runs in the Cloud, you lose P/O/S. Is that really likely? Methinks not.

The Giant killer aspect is also really kool. Rather than installing a bunch of servers or leasing some or entering in to a long term contract - just buy some cycles from the Cloud. This concept is nothing new; for example the electric utility industry has done this for years.

ch33rs JoW 




Works for simple applications but wouldn't want to use it for processor-intense graphics or video editing chores. Choked by speed and bandwidth of internet connection. Web traffic, which is worst during business hours, also affects practicality.

Am currently forced to use most apps residing on servers both locally and across country. Not as productive as depending on workstation's resources alone.

Puts too much dependence on slow componenets of the computer. 




 If cloud computing takes off you can kiss your privacy goodbye!  While it may be a boon for the corporate world, it'll be the death of personal PC freedom.  Every byte you access will show in someones "log" somwhere.

It almost does already....Cloud computing will just allow the snoops to sleep easier.  Say hello to "Big Brother"....his name is CLOUD  :/





Take efficiency and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a Microsoft operating system :)



this would allow hackers (not me...) to get info and personal data from people ALOT easier.  What would the government do?  would their classified computer documents be safe?  Only one way to find out...



i thought this had already been done but apparently that was a real computer i was using



Let say I had an Autodesk seat at my workplace and I am out of the office using a netbook over the Internet to access a server running an instance of Autodesk in a virtual machine.  What hardware/software would be needed if this was set up as a home hosted website ? Could you folks demonstrate this as "how to " ? Or am I not even in the ballpark ?

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