A White Case-mas: Our Favorite Ivory Gadgets This Holiday Season



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Holly Golightly

I do not understand the popularity of white all of a sudden. White gets dirty too fast. If you, or any of your loved ones smoke, the white product will turn yellow. Keep it by the sun for too long, it will turn yellow-ish. Not all white products look good. Some may look all cheap and plasticy... Like the Nintendo Wii or your typical MacBook. White gets dirty too quickly. For me, white reminds me of Steve Jobs and his beloved white iPhone 4... Ugh, the annoyance! No thanks, I'll order the black one. I will admit, the white Corsair 600T and the white power supply does look pretty bad add. The black accents really make it a work of art.



I think that white is ugly, and that black will become the new white, which was the new black, which was the new white, which was the new black, which was the new silver, which was the new black, which was the new beige, which was the new hunk of metal.



Its ok, San Francisco. I don't have any snow this year either... well it snowed a little bit, but not enough to go do fun stuff :|


Keith E. Whisman

Reading the heading for this article, I thought that this article was going to contain reviews about white colored computer cases and all it really is, is a slide show on different white colored peripherals and a few cases and computers etc. I miss the grand the articles with full reviews and tons of pictures MaximumPC used to give. Now you just get a couple pics. It used to be like reading a porn magazine with all the differents angles and spread shots the mag used to print in reviews. Now you just get one big pic of the product and if your lucky two.


The Corrupted One

I have buyers remorse on my Azza full tower when I look at these cases.

It's a nice case, but WAY to big for my space and noisy.



I built a computer earlier this month using the Rosewill Thor V2, and I spent the extra 10 bucks for the white color. One of the best cases I've ever used. Big, roomy, easy to wire up, and it looks excellent. Highly recommended.



Funny how 4-5 years ago we had to pay $10 extra to get it in Black.



It's that ease of wiring behind the backplane that will govern any case I ever buy in the future. Having wasted time and money on the Antec Twelve Hundred, I'll never let that happen again.

If there isn't room for power cables behind the back plane, don't buy the case.

And that Rosewill is hot.

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