Where It All Began: The 10 Original Software Companies



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I accept that programming organization or IT companies has achieved more keep tabs on the deft programming improvement, where systems on advancements of programming are assembled and dependent upon the iterative and incremental improvements which has absolutely helped them to procure great cash.

Erick wemdel
Content writer Ariestco



Great article.  I was intrigued by MSC Software.  After doing a little homework, I'm amazed at the resiliancy of their software and how they have weathered the years.  Their Nastran solver is a statement to rock solid quality - as you stated, its been used to put a man on the moon and used in everything from structural analysis of the 787, Ford suspensions, Craftsman wrenches.  It appears that there are very few man made items in this world that has not been touched by MSC Software and their engineers.

Doing a little research, I discovered that NASA puts Nastran as one of its top 10 spinoffs of all time:




Oracle has been around roughly as long as microsoft and apple. Still one of the top software companies in the world. Pioneered whole relational database movement. Am I missing something?



Oh, and regarding Microsoft:

They didn't develop MS/DOS so much as buy it for dirt cheap from a local company in Seattle.  Of course they did expand on it over the years, but they were mostly selling compilers before getting the OS for the first IBM PC.




From the article: "handmade by a teenaged Jobs"

Uhh, not quite.  At best Jobs may have helped solder components onto the board.  The one that made, as in actually designed,  both the Apple I and Apple II was Woz.  Jobs is many things, but an engineer isn't one of them.



You're right they got the GUI from PARC, but the Lisa was most certainly not "Apple's first PC".




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Yes, MSC Software is still around but it is no longer the leader it once was. Delisted from the stock exchange after several years of declining revenues and losses, onnly to be rescued by a PE firm, it has barely managed to survive. Customers still use their software because of old processes in place that take time to unwind. As new projects come online, MSC's software will continue to be booted out unless they can be truly creative. The new leaders are ANSYS and Dassault Systemes (with their SIMULIA brand), along with others like Altair and Siemens (NX). 



The article on Apple failed to point out that it was the Xerox Alto computer developed in 1973 at Xerox Parc that served as the model for the design of Apple's first PC.



Why are all these companys putting an i in front every fucking product they try to flog on us ? There are other letters in the alphabet.




Here we go again with the proofreading gaffes.

I did a quick search when I read the article and found that the first American power loom was constructed in 1813 by Francis Cabot Lowell.

That would be the NINETEENTH century, NOT the 17th.



Mark "ProofreaderMan" Strelecki

Atlanta, GA.




I guess your article was titled sarcastically and you meant to say Hardware companies not software, there is a difference I hope you realize.

Applied Data Research (ADR) was a large global software vendor (1500 employees) from the 1960s until the mid-1980s. ADR is often described as "the first independent software vendor"




Great article, very informative.

But... I thought Apple wasn't around yet.  I saw Neil Armstrong on the moon but never realized that he iwalked.  Was Jobs there too?

"In 1967, as Hendrix performed at Monterey and two years before man iwalked on the moon, ..." :-D

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