Where Does Spam Come From?



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I often wonder the same thing.  Where does spam come from?  Both email and blog comment spam seem to have an alarming number of "linkless" crap - designed simply to piss us off.  While Dave Marcus has some decent (if not plain obvious) articulations, there seems to be more to the story in recent cases.

Follow the money, follow the motive.  Who wins when we get tired of both email and comment spam?  What do we do when we get tired of spam?  What do large corporations do to prevent spam?  I'll leave it at that to prevent going into some type of conspiracy theory explanation, cough... "Akismet", cough.. "McAfee", cough...

Why are we not tracking these down?  Every email has an electronic paper trail.  Even if a large portion of spam gets tracked back to hacked servers, that's still a lead.  Why are these leads not investigated?  Isn't spam illegal?




So I want to clarify. Opening the email to read the contents is harmless, just don't click on any of the attachments/links right?



Recently I got tons of spam mail each day through my junk box in my main email account. I really don't know why...

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