What Is Xbox Smart Glass?



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And after all this inovation they still use the same 8 position "JOYSTICK" that Atari came out with in the 60's! What a joke.

Playing a game on an Xbox reminds of playing donkey kong on an Atari 40 years ago, the controler is exactly the same. Compared to the control of games with a keyboard and mouse on a PC XBOX and all the other 40 year old console technology (controllers) couldnt hold a candle to a PC.

You couldnt GIVE me an XBOX for gaming, PC's blow them away as far as control, try aiming with an 8 postion joystick, are you kidding me? Just use a PC and a wireless keyboard for a media box unless you want to control it with a 45 year old 8 position JOYSTICK.



And now try using your keyboard and mouse while sitting on your couch. There's a reason why consoles since the Atari haven't started using keyboards and mice.

I prefer the keyboard and mouse as much as you do, but it's still nice to be able to play games on my 65" HDTV with 7.2 channel Denon surround system with Klipsch speakers and sub. Along with my Xbox 360 and PS3, I do have a gaming/media center; but again it's pretty hard to use a keyboard and mouse while sitting on my couch.



Thanks for clarifying the announcement. I was a little confused about it at first; it seems more beneficial than it really is.



With all the buzz in the video game world about next gen consols, paired with all the recent xbox 360 announcements i'm beginning to wonder if microsoft is going to be the last of the three to introduce their newest addition



Sorry Microsoft, already have a computer connected to my television, and it doesn't need a Live subscription to be useful.






The high-tech, Microsoft-branded, version of the GBA connect for the GameCube?

For the Game of Thrones map example, does the 360 automatically push the map to your device as you watch, or is it just allowing you to look it up online? I ask as, obviously, practically any device that can run this app can already do the latter on its own.

If this app pushed content synced to the playing video, say a map of Westeros that shows where the on-screen action is taking place (moving as the characters move/narrative shifts), that would be pretty neat. I don't know if it'd be worth it, but it would be fun to play with. Though something like that would require additional work from the video/game publishers, and thus I have my doubts. The gamecube connectivity was pretty much forgotten on GameCube :(



Man I missed the GBA to Gamecube connectivity! One of the mini games on Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc required a GBA to play it.



If only the 360 had a bluray drive...



Why would you need a BR drive? I've seen the shelves, nobody is using those, and the quality just ends-up in grainy picture.(Unless you've been sarcastic).

I like how MS responds to Wii's tablet like thing and Sony's PSP constant connection to PS3.



The problem is that the content had to be shot with HD in mind. But on that note, I find watching animation on Blu-Ray to have the most benefit. Especially say anime since I don't like to watch it dubbed. And subtitles are ugly looking in comparison in DVD resolutions, even if upscaled.



Amen to that. I'm having so much difficulty with software players. PowerDVD 9 plays some discs, but not others, and upgrading to 12 costs more than my blu-ray burner (and more than a stand-alone blu-ray drive). I like HD, but the complications with playback are really hurting my adoption of the format.



It's going to stream over WiFi (The 360 doesn't have a bluetooth radio), if you don't have a WAP, you'll have to either buy the WiFi adapter for your 360 (if you don't have an S model) or a wireless router (the majority of people have one or the other or both).

Wireless G isn't that well suited for streaming HD content, so expect either data compression, or the stream to be SD. Then you have to contend with different mobile hardware. Tablet and phone screen sizes, etc.

Then there's the whole, fumbling with 2 devices while gaming, which isn't the most practical. Heck, as it is, if I use my tablet while gaming to look something up, the game gets paused, I do the research, and then resume.

I really want to see some REAL WORLD benchmarks of this. See how it really works, and how practical it is.

Will it bring down the Wii U? I hardly think so.



"Then there's the whole, fumbling with 2 devices while gaming, which isn't the most practical."

This was the first thing that I thought about. I can see how it might serve some purpose with different games, but I wouldn't want to have a separate controller. It would be suited better for displaying information, such as your character stats in an RPG. I guess until I see it in action I don't really have a firm handle on what it's suppose to accomplish, because in my opinion it seems pretty impractical.



No thanks, I don't want a xbox with its ads in my face, and I really don't want kinect monitoring who is in my living room. Look it up, MS has already said they are going to use kinect to target ads at who is in the living room or where ever you have it.



I am super excited for this, and i'm glad that it isn't just for Windows phones and tablets, because that means i'll be able to use my android phone with it!

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