We Love the Weighted Companion Cube Case, Not Sure If It Loves Us Back



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Probably a bit outta date for a response-

I'm the 'bigger fan' in the article (my wife loved it btw :D )

Theres pretty much nothing behind the areas of the cube where the magnets are except the blue ray drive itself. The hard drive and mobo are a good bit away. I'm sure there could be 'some' negative effect but likely only if a part were failing anyway.

I find it strange they say '4' in the article, since you can see 3 on the faceplate itself, theres 3 more embedded on the cube itself for it to hold onto. (The cube is entirely made of plastic).

We've been using it as a media pc for the past few months and other than getting used to vista, its been great. Runs 24/7 and acts as our skype phone base.



How did he think of how to set up the magnets, and how did he set it up to where nothing gets magnetized?

Nothing so pink has ever had me in this much awe!



 "Nothing so pink has ever had me in this much awe!"


"we Plan for Tomorrow, but we Live for Today"

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