Watson on Jeopardy: Watson Wins!



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If these guys were so smart why didn't either of them think of "accidentally" kicking the power cord out of the wall.


Anyway, yeah it can play Jepardy, and perhaps "You don't know Jack", but how does it handle Crysis? That's what we really want to know.


P47Riot, that would be awesome..."Where's Watson" You need to get a hold of IBM's PR dept. Watson on Family Fued! It'll be Watson, Big Blue, IBM PC Jr, ThinkPad...



Chances are it utilizes more cpu power than anything else. Not only that I'd imagine knowing it was IBMs computer you can't run windows or windows server in it. Yea, with some modifications you could, but it would be in a virtual enviroment. All the cpu power in the world equals one human brain. We have a long way to go before computers take over the world. lol



When the robots win, they'll make us listen to techo...


Oh wait... All hail Overmind Watson..001001100000111101011101010



When will we get to see a robot on Wipeout?



I wonder if Sean Connery will get his chance to take Watson on in Celebrity Jeopardy



Watson still did not do well with word play it has facts but is the answer was using a play on words it didn't do so well.

Also the answers were sent to Watson in text at the same time the answer was read. At what part of the last word were they sent? a second in computer time is forever.



Cut Watson some slack regarding Toronto; as there are 3 Torontos within the USA that Google knows of.



the clue was: Its largest airport is named for a WWII hero; its second largest, for a WWII battle.

How many of the Torontos in the US have two airports?

The Toronto in canada has two, one of which is named after billy bishop a WWI fighter ace.

Face it, Watson made a mistake 



A computer that pays for itself. The best invention ever!!!! lol :D



Let's see how well it does in The Price is Right. Of course it can beat humans on Jeopardy, the entire wikipedia database had been downloaded unto it's harddrive.



In the Showcase Showdown, Watson would be able to calculate the exact value of his showcase and win both showcases.  Of course he would never make it this far because he has no arms to spin the giant wheel in the Bonus Round.

I'd also laugh my ass off watching him try Plinko.

I think they could make an entire series out of these, where Watson goes on different game shows.  The first one I'd want to watch is Wipeout...

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