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In the first two paragraphs, the article talks about Vishera (the new CPU). Then subsequent paragraphs start talking about Zambezi as if it was the point of the article. Isn't that the older one?



Time to say good by to my 2009, 965 Black. Been waiting for this one.



an honest question:

I was thinking, i know benchmarks are necessary to test relative performance, and we know from them that AMD does well in heavy threaded work, and Intel much better in IPC. Okay, but when you run a benchmark, it's just the benchmark and an otherwise idling system.

What if you had a benchmark that tested simultaneous normal tasks, such as virus scan/browser tabs/flash video/video compression/music playing/photoshop/etc all at once, the kind of stuff that we all do? When the system has more cores to submit thread work to, wouldn't that favor AMD?

I want to see that benchmarks -- all/some the other benchmarks running at once.



Yes this is more promising of the ideals behind this design, we keep seeing these sort of improvements and this will be a winner quickly, next rig, AMD, for sure, support what I'm seeing without caring on the minor loss.



I really wish that the benchmarks were interactive, that I could compare MaximumPC tests between this new AMD chip and older chips, where applicable. Specifically my older 955 Phenom II x4 which has served me well. A Phenom who will probably be put into another machine after seeing these benchmarks ;)

Say, what parameters did MPC use for its 7-zip tests? I fired up 7-zip and ran the benchmark with default settings and after one pass my "overall rating" is a mere 10,456 MIPS. This is less than half the performance of the new AMD chip, so I'm curious.

BTW, when is AMD coming out with a chipset to succeed the 990FX? It's getting a bit long in the tooth, AMD's FM2 boards are more feature-rich, their budget tech is beating what seems to be their flagship tech.



None too shabby. The little cpu that could.



Well, at least it is a step in the right direction. Hopefully we will see more steps in the right direction and get some competition from AMD.

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