The Ultimate Social Media Guide: 31 Tips for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ And More



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Dear MaximumPC,

After subscribing to your mag for many years and using you a "source" I was disapointed when searching close to an hour "For more information on Facebook’s data center" (quoted from mag article and reprint on web site) using your internal search and looking for links on sidebars etc. I GIVE UP!!  

After working in IT for 29 years, laid off a year ago, and having read and interviewed for Google data centers I was very interested in what Facebook does in that space.

I guess this is finally just another whine in Cyberspace but I'd still read the article if I could find it.  

Thanks for mostly doing a good job as I read the mag religiously and usally have great luck on your web site.




No mention of Diaspora or SubJot or any other growing communities on the horizon? Only the dominant corporate personal data selling sites, huh? Unfortunate.



Here's a tip for Twitter users:  Do not use Internet Explorer.

Apparently, Twitter is "not fully compatible" with IE.  Twitter support says "IE is still giving us lots of errors".  For example JavaScript errors and portions of the website not accessible (clicking a button does nothing).

These words are straight from the highest tier of the Twitter support team, taken from back and forth e-mails.



in the magazine it says 30 tips.  What is the one extra one?



That last page 90 servers a rack, 13 racks,  4 shipments a day...Holy schnike that's a lot

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