Ultimate BIOS Guide: Every Setting Decrypted and Explained!



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Great article! Can we get another BIOS guide that covers motherboards with the UEFI BIOS?



Very good guide! however it will slowly become obsolete as board manufacturers make the transition from the traditional BIOS interface to EFI or UEFI as it's also known. But i'm sure many will still find this guide useful for years to come.

laptops under 100



Guys, this article in Pdf format


I decided to create it for myself for offline reference and i'm sharing it with others.

I'm sure it will be helpful and many thanks to the person who wrote this article.



I second another poster. This needs to be in .pdf form. You did a whole lot of work but the value to us is limited because we really cannot easily "take it with us". Yeah we can bookmark it but that's really not good enough. To be honest what needs to be done is to create a smaller pocket sized book that we can keep in our desks or briefcases. This is an item that has value unlike the CD'S that come with the issues. In fact how about when we subscribe we get a pocket sized how to book on the above piece? The CD is good for people not online, but really we ALL are by now big time. Simple links in the mag every month could do away with the CD and you would be going green!!! Give us hard copies of stuff we want to KEEP, again like the above piece. The CD usefullness is DEAD.



It's not PDF, but maybe this would help? http://www.maximumpc.com/print/6543

Could also combine the single-page print version with Firefox's PDFit extension.

-Paul Lilly



...If you've already installed Windows, suddenly switching from IDE mode to AHCI will quickly muck things up. On the other hand, it's a good way to see what a BSOD looks like if you've never seen one before. Otherwise, be prepared to start fresh with a new Windows installation.

You can save yourself a new Windows installation depending on your OS and ICH chipset.

For Vista: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/922976 (easy)

For XP: brave minds can peruse through http://www.google.com/search?q=How+to+enable+AHCI+on+Intel+under+XP (less easy)



Great article! I doubt, that many people are aware, just how time consuming such work is. Respect...

If you are having pc gaming performance issues, you're welcome @ http://www.lowfps.com/improving-performance



......kind of useless if I cant down load it, since i seriously doubt that Ill be ONLINE while OCing in the BIOS  :)



This DESERVES to be in .pdf format, as well as the linked to articles  ^^  Remember also that nVidia still makes chipsets  :)


Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



simply copy paste it to word, and hit print



Another example of great bathroom reading material.



Great job Paul.  This is some very useful information!



One of my favorite issues of all time, the August 2003 issue, happens to have - I quote - "the most in depth white paper - EVER" on BIOS Secrets.  This is great stuff guys - exactly why I subscribe.



I'm confused... the only users who should have this setting enabled are those running a legacy os with an older processor -- and those running XP, Vista, or Windows 7?



I saw the same thing.  This article, although well intentioned, has some really poor grammar/explanation of logic in relation to BIOS "settings".  I'm actually quite shocked at how bad some of this reads.  I subscribe to the mag and I'm coming up on renewal shortly, and this may have been the straw that changed my mind on doing that.  Pretty sloppy guys...you might consider clearing up the explanations for the "new" user base on the next go around ...and there will be a next time because this stuff gets recycled a lot.



I found this very helpful and already printed a copy for myself and others. Good if you want to learn what your ACTUALLY doing when your OCing that cpu =).

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