Two Gaming Technologies Explained: A White Paper Round-Up



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my problem is that 3d in movies is still not really proven to me as helping the plot. still more of a wow factor. and you pay a premium for the privilege

and it is ungainly- I have my glasses, the 3 d glasses and the ""oh that one bothered my eyes" issue to deal with at times.

it keeps getting pushed as the "in thing" but it is still a mostly US experience- and I think I'll wait for true VR.






"A parallax barrier screen, such as is deployed in the Nintendo DS, is fabricated by facing a display—such as an LCD"


I think you meant 3DS there.

Good article though. I can't wait until the better autostereo techs come down in price and gain traction in the market. Stereoscopy won't take off in the mainstream until autostereoscopic displays are as affordable as normal LCDs are now.

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