Toys For Geeks: 20 Great Gifts for any Mini-Nerd



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Wow great ideas being mentioned for gifting to nerds.Thanks for sharing such a nice post.<a href="">florist</a>



Where can you get the Lego MindStorms NXT 2.0 for $199?  The cheapest I found is $249, and all listings found for $199 were dated over a year ago... and to top it all off, to get it in Canada, it is $349.  Not sure why the difference, since the dollar is near par, but I definitly want one for myself :)



Err, do not actually sell model airplane KITS but fully assembled airplanes (except for the wheels on the model you are showing). D'oh! Gotta change your link...



I freakin' 'gasmed when I saw you included the Gundam Gunpla kits in the list.  Although, I'm a bit upset at your choice.  They sell from bandai for all different prices, depending on the grade (High-Grade, Master-Grade, Perfect-Grade).  I would have used something like Strike Freedom or Wing Zero Custom.  But that's just me :-)



Minecraft is actually $21.95 right now, but good list anyway :)



While it is important to teach a kid to build at an early age, I would argue that teaching them to PROGRAM is just as vital. There's no better way to start little minds down that path than with the Big Trak Jr. The simple programming language used to manipulate the tiny tank is a great way to get your young'un ready to control their army of world dominating robots.



You should have Googled "Android MP3 player" :). The Cowon D3 just recieved a Gingerbread firmware update, and it looks like the Creative Zen is another one available.

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