Towers of Power: Five Full-Tower Enclosures Reviewed



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hot news flash!!!!

 the newset of the new, best of the best ...... late to the party.. again sighhh


I'm speaking of the  line of cases  branded "DA' MURPH"  useing only the best of recycled materials they represent the state of the art in case design.

coming soon 

 "when ya got  DA' MURPH ya got da best"



I'd actually like to see some feature comparing small cases that still hold nice hardware. I just purchased the Lian Li PC-A05NB, which is a mini-tower case that fits a full ATX motherboard and full lenght graphics cards. It accomplishes this feat by have the PSU installed in the front of the case rather than the back. It can't hold a ton of drives, and certainly isn't perfect, but I have most of my hard drives in the home server anyway, and perfer my main rig to only have what I need. Another case which should be coming out soon along the same lines is the NZXT Panzerbox, it looks to have better cooling and a design with more amenities, but also be a bit bigger and perhpas not nearly as well constructed. Anyway, I like this new minitower case design, cube cases are too much of a pain to work with and can be difficult to fit big graphics cards in, while full towers are too heavy and cumbersome to move to lan parties etc.



Another thing I'd like to see become standard. The front panel connectors. Wouldn't that be marvelous!! No more having to break out the microscope to read the teeny-tiny printing. Figuring out which way the LED's get plugged in.

Oh to dream the dream.



Wow--when you dream, you dream BIG.  I imagine in 50 years when I build a new system I'll have double the tiny wires that get installed all willy-nilly on a motherboard.



WT!!! Does ABS imitates or they just put their logo and rebrand the LIAN-LI's TYR PC-X2000?!



It's a rebrand.



this case: 

LIAN LI PC-A70B Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case

I like the Coolermaster case as well....I'm just not sure about those 700rpm 230mm fans that aren't variable speed...other than that   I think the Coolermaster rocks....I just wish it had the fan setup of the Lian-Li PC-A70B.......

The 840 with the Lian-Li fans would've deserved a 12 on your 1-10 scale  :)



Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



When building my current rig, I wanted the biggest case I could find so I could cram as much stuff in it as possible. I wanted to fit a full custom water cooling system and lots and lots of fans.After months of reading reviews and store browsing at different cases, I decided on the Thermaltake Armor+ Supertower. I couldn't be happier. At 24" tall with nice cable managment and lots of room for my double 120mm radiator, I'm sold. It also nestles my (2)GTX 260's nicely with lots of room to spare. I just can't wait to get a pair of GTX 300's to put in it! :P



I also have the Armor+ full tower--it's a very good, solid system with excellent build quality.  I could probably stuff a homeless person in there and still have room to spare.  My only gripe is that at desk level, it can be a bit noisy.  Still, I like owning a case where even obscenely large videocards will fit without the slightest concern whatsoever.

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