Top 25 News Stories of 2012



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I swear MaxPC picked all of the high-comment non-stories regardless of newsworthiness or accuracy and lumped them together to meet an annual quotus or soemthing



The news stories were selected on the basis of multiple factors: traffic, community engagement, and editorial discretion coming from a PC-centric website. 

But I'm curious as to why you think these stories were not newsworthy.



#21 & #9 were just plain factually wrong or impossible and should never have been reported here in the first place ...and #5 would normally even here be labeled as 'vaporware' until something actually happens (I get lots of the MaxPC staff and commenters ar valve fans but really..?)

there are a lot more in the list which do qualify as 'news' and now that I see your criteria you've listed is more 'popularity' and less "technical relevance" based the title bothers me more than the content of the slides (though I expected the latter from trusty MaxPC!)

I'd think Canonical's changes in unbuntu and "being accussed of spying" or Apple's safari support drop and macdefender issues or 'legitimate' "microsoft-bashing" (you've got 3 different slides about windows 8's interface beign different - we disagree or odn't care by now, haha) talk about how the client isn't as modular as the server or secure boot concerns or something that's actually owrthy of being discussed on an enthusiast website which doesn't include crApple-style marketing bloat, PLEASE



"Assuming you're reading this, the world didn't end like the Mayans predicted" Doesn't the Mayan calendar end on the 21st? Don't jinx us, Paul.



alienware is no better than apple products, theyre waaaaaaay overpriced, Ill stick to my fulltower self built computers



Here's a 26th story for ya...

"Reader's hate web slideshows." ;)


John Pombrio

Cannot call the Valve Steam Box news yet. Right now, it's still cloudware...

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