The Top Transcoding Apps for Watching Content on Consoles



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Ok my PC is attached directly to my cable modem and is not on a wireless network. Do I have to add a wireless card to my PC to stream to my ps3?



Thanks for the tips. I hadn't even heard of PS3 Media Server before. I have been using Tversity+CCCP, thanks to suggestions from your last guide on streaming ;), to stream to my PS3.

I'm curious though: why did you chose PS3 Media Server over Tversity for the PS3 this time around? What feature(s) did you like better about PS3MS?

Also, just an idea for everyone: PS3MS is a Google code project which means defects/enhancements can be logged by signed in users. They already have an open enhancement request for Netflix/Hulu support. Maybe if enough people showed how important they think this feature is (by logging in and "staring" it), they would add it and we could all avoid paying Playon $30 for beta software. :D

Here is the link to that enhancement:

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