The Future of Open-Source: 2009's Top Predictions!



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Iv'e been using Ubuntu for over a Year for Internet use since I am just plain sick of all the viruses writen for window's and I think 8.10 is really stable just installed it about two day's ago when I got a new har drive.

Pus I still use Windows Xp for gaming thank's to Grub being able to Dual Boot which is a High Plus For Ubuntu 



I agree that a majority of PC users only use the internet, office utilities, and media playing utilities, but disagree that "Linux is going to smoke Windows."

Linux may be becoming more 'mainstream' with the introduction of netbooks, but is, in my opinion, still far away from being much in the way of 'mainstream'. Consider car companies like Kia, Hyundai, Saturn, Daewoo, etc. in America. There are many more well-established manufacturers' cars on the road. Sure, the cheaper alternatives get folks from A to B with ease just like more popular manufacturers' cars but it's a mental thing with the customer. Windows has been around a long time for 'popular computing'. I think it'll take big steps like someone throwing millions of dollars in advertising along with the technical advancements such as the native ability to play modern games in all their glory to give Linux an edge. I know it's possible to use WINE and other programs to mimic Windows environments, but it's not as easy as say 'putting a game disc into your Windows PC and it installs/runs right away'.






Ever since MS announced that they are tapering off of XP (sales have become limited), I've been playing with Linux (I refuse to go to Vista). So far, I'm impressed, and these predictions can only push the support to improve.

Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? -G. Carlin


I Jedi

Sorry, but the idea of storing important documents on so called "cloud computing" is scary at best. I'd use it only for documents that I considered "non-sensitive"... such as game saves, non-important documents, etc.



I'm curious, I Jedi--what's your fear of the Cloud?  Security issues?  Data loss? 

Do you happen to use any Cloud services right now?  Steam?  Google?  Facebook?  


Lord Omega

I would love to see Linux become mainstream. Ubuntu and some of the others flavors are amazing, fast, stable, and highly customizable. It is a definate winner in my book! This would definately brighten the community and bring it more toward the light.

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