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Play Gang Garrison too much, and you have the potential to swear off TF2 forever dvd creator, dvd video tool



I am always looking for games that I can play on a USB key without having permissions and not having to install anything on the computer at work. This game has to be one of my all time favorite games to play on the USB.

The original Dungeon Master

loaded DM on a USB key and play it at work in a little window. It
really was a good game for the time and still is 20 years later!

Dungeon Master was the best selling
product of all time on the Atari ST (and possibly on the Commodore
Amiga as well) and won virtually every major award when it
was first released in 1987, including the first ever Special Award for
Artistic Achievement from Computer Gaming World. It established a new
standard for Fantasy Role-Playing games.

They fit on a single
floppy disk (before 'high density' was invented) and could be played
very nicely on a machine with only 512K bytes of memory. The monsters,
setting, and puzzles made it one of the best games of its type. - Check out this site!

Oh to add, I did also play this on the 1040ST0 - i loved this game & Sundog! I was young and couldnt believe the stellar graphics on this platform compared to my friends Apple IIe - although he had mono wolfenstein



Urban Terror.  'nuff said.


Peanut Fox

No Quake Live?

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