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Maximum PC has always been one of the best places to go for "must have" software - free or need to buy.  I realize everyone has different opinions of what works for them - but it seems like at the end of the day - the same software names seem to rise to the top for different reasons.  Everyone sets up new PC's or revamps their OS with a new install and we all sift out software we hardly use and keep coming back to our favorites to reinstall.   Making a list of 'MUST HAVE' titles has long been a favorite of mine, and I think it is surprising how many people out there - real computer users but not perhaps in this league do not know about this stuff.  Everyone knows Youtube and Itunes, but not the mountains of software that can really make their PC work for them. All at practically no cost.

I have not seen a website, or know of one that is dedicated to this entire subject. You would think someone would put one together that would keep it up to date.  It would be a website I would go to constantly to check for new software - sort of like going to Itunes store or to check out the latest songs and look at how many stars they recieved and look at the comments.  

Keep up the good work at Max PC-  your work is always worthy of a "KA" award.



You definitely need to add the free Glary Utilities, and re-add Hijack This....two indispensible programs for any OS. 

As for Comodo....all their programs need a few more years until they "are ready for prime time"  all their programs are functional, yes, but have GUI's from hell.  Take their does all Zonealarm does and more...its downfall is its severely UNintuitive mentioned above/below it has to constantly be re-told what to allow and deny.  This is unsupportable for educated user and completely useless for the uneducated user.  The complexity of its GUI will lead to MORE firewall breaches, because of things...missed by those who don't have a week or so to disect its interface.

Other than the 2 programs mentioned above...EXCELLENT list !




Good list, but I would also recommend (revouninstaller), (Advanced WindowsCare V2 Personal).

MPC is my home page



Apparently they don't know about Comodo Registry Cleaner.  The latest version of the firewall does remember settings a lot better.  They're not an article anywhere about Comodo.  Maybe they prefer the other security and cleanup programs proven not to work so well.  It's the best free firewall against leak tests according to the Matsoutec Firewall Challenge.  I'm surprised Maximum PC didn't cover that firewall challenge.  Maybe it was because of the big names failing the tests.  They are probably not going to mention when Comodo Internet Security comes out into Final Release either.  Why?  It's cause that Comodo's free and the tests show it's better than what you pay for.



. . .CCLeaner is pretty good.  ATFCleaner, now that's a real computer cleaner if you ask me.  Comodo Registry Cleaner, that's a real registry cleaner cause it massively outperforms CCleaner.  Does Maximum PC even know that Comodo even exists?  They have the best registry cleaner and they have the best free firewall when it comes to the Firewall Challenge  They're firewall kicks those big names like Norton, McAfee, BitDefender, and Trend Micro to the curb.  And now, they have a FREE internet security program combining antivirus and firewall protection in beta in the form of Comodo Internet Security (CIS).  Comodo's slowly crawling up and it's already known to the other security companies since Comodo's firewall hit the 1st place mark for the longest time and then the other companies had to fix their stuff because something free for life was better than what they charged people for.  They amped their own stuff up to fix the potential loss of customers to those who used the FREE firewall. 

So Maximum PC, does Comodo even exist to you guys?



using Comodo after the hundred time I told him to remember the freaking setting of: YES, I do want to allow Firefox to acces Internet.

So I think Maximum PC does know Comodo. That's why it's not on this list



Just for the record, I can think of two issues off the top my head that I've had crop up involving Comodo's Firewall.  I'd never claim that either was necessarily 100% Comodo's fault, but they're getting my big stamp of guilt by associativity.



Hey great article dave!  We'll sure miss you at your new job.  Anybody know when the next set of Softy Awards come out?

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