The Beginner's Guide to Linux, Part 2: Installation



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One other thing, whether you use them or not all the extras and utilities(discs) that come with your MB, videocard or whatever can't be used by Linux, I would like to have at least the option of choosing. dvd creator, dvd video tool



basically blame hollywood not Ubuntu the software to play encrypted commerical dvds is not installed by default for legal reasons

 take a look at


for resolution 



These are great guides for beginners and I will definitely be sharing this with others.  As a beginner I found this very easy to undersand and follow, even though I had already installed Ubuntu on my own before finding this.  Still, it will be something others will want to use.  Thanks for the great resource!



 These articles have been great so far! I've been thinking about  dual booting with vista for a while now, but was not sure which version of linux to go with.

I'm now seriously trying to decide between Suse and Ubuntu.

  These articles are so good, i had to print them out. Can't wait till the next one. Maybe i'll have a linux version on my computer by then.

                                          This site and your mag get a KICK ASS award from me. Sorry, pun was intended.





Just installed ubuntu 8.10 and canot even play a DVD movie! It has a DVD player but wont let you play store bought DVD's. My God even MicroCrap and Mac's can play DVD's. For me ubuntu 8.10 is not ready for the masses.


shawn Harris

This was a great read so far . I reaally like the quality information in this article.I especially like the advice about using more than hard drive for the install. I very much like not having to use a product key code or serial number or even having to accept an end user agreement. Because in the past i have really hated the problems i have had with wonky key codes after having reformated my hard drive and having to reinstall windows. I look forward to rest of the article , keep up the great work. I can say that i hav'nt seen the depth of user knowledge so far, in a PC magazine. thanks.


Lord Omega

I thank you for these articles. You guys are the best.


I came

I saw

I left



I've been working with Linux for nearly 15 years and various flavors of commercial unix as well.  The progress that has been made toward a "desktop" Linux just amazes me.  You can get all these VERY powerful applications and the OS itself absolutely free.  How can you beat that!?

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this with your readers.  People need to be informed and shown the step by step instructions to try it for themselves.  People usually love it once they try it.  You're doing your part to help bridge the gap.  Keep them coming!  Oh, and keep redoing them regularly like you have been since things change so quickly.  That helps a lot.

Great job!



I'd recommend Wubi too. Why?


"The Wubi installer is as simple as it can be."

Ars Technica

"The installer is trivially easy to use and works just like a regular Windows installation program."




Of course the biggest advantage of Linux is it's free and you're free to install on all your boxes but limited games which I suspect out of the workplace is one the largest uses of a computer and popular games drive the market.I have both Linux and Windows.I certainly don't see any move by Linux even Ubuntu to actually take on this challenge to equal at least on game level Windows domination there. I certainly use my Debian box more, play some games on the Windows box but wouldn't want to see Linux bogged down with a bunch of crap just to capture some % of the game market.

One other thing, whether you use them or not all the extras and utilities(discs) that come with your MB, videocard or whatever can't be used by Linux, I would like to have at least the option of choosing.

Oh well got the bios for tweaking.


Pentium 0

A livecd will be slower than a full install though because it basically uses the cd as the hdd.

Oh and im pretty sure that ubuntu had a partitioner as part of the installation process but im not certain.

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