The Bane of Open-Source Bugs



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songbird is only ok, anyways.


musikCube is much better:




With the ammount of people testing, the nightly builds ect ect, how was this not caught in beta phase? I've been a songbird user since the 0.6 series and still wonder why there is no library backup function... For a application that updates as often as songbird it's a must. So my choices are, deal with buggy software and data losses OR deal with apples crapware/services I don't need. Guess is buggy software for me, atleast until I need to update my ipod. O wait, that was conviently 'integrated' into itunes also, no secondary app exsists. Apple fans rejoice, conform to crapware and LIKE it.



"  It also has the potential to corrupt or otherwise delete music straight from your hardware device"  Yup -- this just happened to me.

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