The 250 Most Important Tech Products, Events, and People of 2008



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Professional Gamer Accused of Doping?

I consider myself a computer nerd but I hate it that I am an odd one because I do not fall in line when it comes to caffeine. Most computer nerds regard this stuff as if it was water. They worship this stuff and are the first to stock up on crap like caffeine gum and pills with it in them. If this does not sound like a drug addiction, then I do not know what is.

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My vote will be on 245 - The antec casing. I really like these type of monster cases. I prefer the red ones than the blue ones. Overall better choice of tech products. Well put and presented.


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I really love the tinyurl - 152. It is a nice way to market as well. Nice list mate.
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Another technology that is revolutionizing the marketing is 3D TV. These sets are bringing a whole new dimension to home entertainment. Movies come to life. It won't be long until these sets are in most households.



3D TV's are out big time now. They definitly put everything into perspective. If 4D TV's ever come out; well who knows what then. - Scott Kay



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What!?!? Yahoo says to start wearing purple!!?



|196. Death of the Internet, as Written by Mark Cuban

Dallas Mavericks owner and one-time avid blogger Mark Cuban made his fortune on the internet, so it came as a bit of surprise when the outspoken billionaire declared the internet dead. And he didn’t stop there. Cuban said “the internet’s for old people,” though 5 minutes on Runescape would have anyone >>>>signing<<<< a different tune. Maybe Cuban was just having a bad day, like the ones he suffers each year when the Mavericks exit the playoffs empty-handed."
It should be singing, not signing. Tssk tssk.



This a nice article overall, and including images for each item is definitely a plus.


Unfortunately, you guys ran into the problem that always seems to come up with a large compilation like this - duplicate items and/or items that should have been merged.  One poster already remarked about the fact that 76 and 21 are both basically the same thing (Seagate's 1.5TB drive).  Some others:

139 - Firefox 3 sets 24-hour download record  &&&  8 - Firefox 3 release (accompanying image was even the Download Day cert)

121 - Tera Era brings joy &&& 6 - Storage becomes stupid cheap (paragraph refers to Tera Era). Even uses the Tera Era image from Hitachi's cartoon as the accompanying image

Also about 30485345 (ish) all about piracy-related law suit X,Y,Z, seperate entries for Microsoft's general PR campaign this year, and a couple different ones about the Atom that kind of circularly referred to each other (generally items in a top ___ list should stand independently).


I would have much rather seen a top 100 or maybe 150 with a bunch of these combined. Also, for the record, it does not require a PhD in math to catch the typo on the Mersenne prime thing, as even I caught that. :P



How is Seagate's 1.5 TB drive both number 76 on the list and number 21?  It doesn't even seem like the two entries are highlighting different aspects of the drive.


BTW, I imagine the planning meeting for this article went something like this:

WILL: Ok guys, we need to make a list of the top ten tech events of this year.

GUYS: Aw MAN!  Top ten?!?  We'll never whittle it down to ten!

WILL: twenty then...

GUYS: Twenty? That's crazy talk!  We can think of at least 250 important things right off the top of our heads!

WILL: Alright, so out of those 250, how many do you want to choose for our list?

GUYS: Choose?  Why don't we just put down everything we can think of and call it a day?

WILL: Done!

GORDON:[walks into room]  I hate this shit!



Even though it's been put to rest, I still use Netscape. I am using it right now, actually. Once it no longer becomes viable to use it, I'll have to switch over to Netscape's bastard child, Firefox. But I'll use the Simply Green add-on to give it its father's personality and look.


eday_2010's prices aren't any better than any of the local computer shops around my city. Plus I don't have to pay shipping at the shops, nor do I have to wait for anything.



Guys, #62 Creative Creates Working X-Fi Drivers for Vista Users . . .
Does this mean my SoundBlaster Live Drive II will work in Vista now?



proofreading? come on guys the errors were too many to count.


this isnt toms hardware, come on.


I loved the list but dont you guys work for a magazine?



excellent list; great reading

 churros? anybody want a churro?



#205 says that the new Mersenne Prime is 243,112,609-1. This is not the new Mersenne Prime -- it's not even a prime number (after all, it ends in 8). Likewise, the article says Mersenne Primes are of the form 2n-1, which is incorrect. Most primes are of the form 2n-1, and this is not interesting.

 The corrected versions of both statements require exponents. The new Mersenne Prime is 2^{43,112,609}-1 and Mersenne Primes are those of the form 2^n-1. Don't feel too bad, though; Time Magazine made the same typographical error, as found at,28804,1852747_1854195_1854157,00.html .

 Kate, Ph.D. Candidate in Mathematics



That Time made the same goof? :P 


I feel like I should pick on the somewhat ambiguous lack of parantheses for (2^n)-1 [should be obvious since 2^(n-1) isn't prime for n > 2] just 'cause you said you're a PhD candidate.  And pick on word choice because the only prime that *isn't* of 2n-1 (no exponents) is 2 itself...  So perhaps 'nearly all' would be better than 'most'.  Anywho...  Good luck with whatever examinations and/or presentations to a board of intimidating experts you have left in your work.  I tip my hat to anyone brave (and/or insane) enough to get that much education in purely mathematics.




Guy Hawk,

Go easy ... Kate is correct hands down ... and you are also, only correct after the fact! But you come second to Kate.

In COMPUTING Kate's would be actually more efficient and mathematically operator-operand CORRECT too!  From that Kate is absolute PhD ... I would think twice about making you an expert Examiner or put on a Board vetting green grads.

Try it.

Good Luck.




Enjoyed the article



Nice write up. I agree about the Apple Safari crapware, that was major lame on them to do that.



237. Assassin’s Creed First to Support DX 10.1, Stirs Controversy

222. Nvidia Launches GeForce 9-Series, Not Much Better than 8-Series

186. Nvidia Breaks Promise to Simplify Product Line

   (and stop milking the most overmarketed number in the world: 8800)

185. GeForce GTX 260 "Core 216" vs. 218. Radeon 4850 "same GPU that powers the Radeon 4870 HD"

177. Nvidia Enforces Manufacturer Advertised Pricing

161. Nvidia CEO Promises to “Open a Can of Whoop Ass”

155. At Long Last, Nvidia Implements Multi-Monitor SLI Support

16. Microsoft Points Finger at Nvidia for Poor Perception of Vista



the best line was "Thanks for opening that can of worms, asshat."



agreed. That one had me laughing. Sounds like something Gordon would come up with.

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