Tech Champions Part Deux: 16 More Geek Heroes!



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What about john crichton? No farscape love?



thanks for including Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly this time... I remember posting their names in the comment section the last time.



One thing about Data, he has a subroutine which mimics aging, so as to better fit in with humans. Same with his chest moving to mimic breathing, his eyes blinking, etc. This was all part of Dr.Soong's plan to help Data integrate easier with humans.

It also explains why Data gets older as the Star Trek universe progressed, etc.



... the show Terriers featured a "The Lone Gunmen" type group called the Squatters, if I remember right.  They helped with the hacking and surveillance work that the two PI's in the show needed.

I feel like I should lament that this show didn't make it - it was very well written, well acted, and had tremendous potential, but never really attracted folks.  I would have definitely enjoyed seeing what other hijinx the Squatters could help Hank and Britt get in to...



There's one engineer that I think should be mentioned that everyone seems to not know about: Seamus Zalazny Harper.  He's the go-to guy for all things tech on andromeda, and he even built his own androids.



WarGames was my first foray into computer hacking, and I was just getting into computers at the time with my first Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer back in 1982 (I had the original silver one with chiclet keys that were AWFUL to type on, and a whopping 4k of RAM!). I still love that movie because it was such an inspiration for me to learn programming, and the fact that they didn't "Hollywood-ise" the lingo like they did later on with movies like Hackers and The Net. It had it's flaws, sure, but compared to todays "hacker" movies, it was far more "realistic"!


I Jedi

Dr. Samantha Carter, who is better known as Lt. Col. Carter in the United States Air Force. She is quite possibly the sexist, most beautiful woman in science fiction next to Summer Glau, who is equally as beautiful. Samantha Carter has the hots, the brains, and the wits to make most men tremble in fear.

One of the reasons I love the character Sam (short for Samantha) is because O'neill is always picking on her because what he says is so true!

Dr. Weir: I know I'm playing catch-up, but uh, I understand time is short.
Col. O'Neill: Actually it's all relative, ma'am; Carter could explain it better if we had more time.


If half life is ever made into a movie, they definitely need to look at Bryan Cranston



Do I get bonus geek points for being the first to say "WHARF??? WHO IS WHARF??? AH-HAHAHAHAHA!"



I'm so ashamed at that typo, I'm gonna go take a header off Fisherman's Worf. Anyway, fixed.

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